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Monday, July 27, 2020

15 restaurant pop-ups you need to try in Toronto this summer before they're gone

Restaurant pop-ups in Toronto give you a limited time to try them before they're gone. Some run more frequently and for longer than others, but they all offer an opportunity to try out something new.

Here are restaurant pop-ups to try in Toronto.

What's Shakin'?

This ice cream pop-up by Oakwood Hardware in Oakwood Village serves shakes, scoops and sundaes in flavours like strawberry cheesecake, maple butter tart and mint chocolate chip, as well as creations like floats and cherry buns topped with ice cream.

Aunty Lucy's

This super popular Black-run burger pop-up is currently stationed at The Annex Hotel where you can grab their hamburgers, grilled cheese and fried chicken.

Well Done

This collaboration between Baddies and Ruru Baked brings us delicious smash burgers paired with ultra thick shakes in flavours like brown butter and "Chocky Malt." 

El Mercado 

This CNE-style pop-up taking over the patio at Barrio serves soft serve in wild flavours, tacos, Mexican poutine and three-layer dip.

Kiss Me 

This pop-up that's actually affiliated with El Mercado deals in "Buttery Beer" and Coconut Avocado soft serve as well as hot Cheeto street corn, pickle margaritas and cauliflower wings.


This massive patio that operates on a token system is a collaboration between The Fifth and The Ballroom, and is located in a parking lot at Richmond and John Streets. Sip Sol beer and ask about food specials.

Rhyz Restaurant

Purchase tickets online for five-course "Bubba's Fixin's" dinners by this pop-up restaurant at Gayley's Cafe on Dundas West. Expect Southern American cuisine like cornbread, pork chops, catfish and buttermilk pie.

Auberge Avec Canoe

Order online from this temporary restaurant open at Auberge du Pommier. Expect tasting menus with courses like pain au lait, foie gars parfait, Ontario duck and peach cobbler.

The Pit/Topical Tropical

Check out this pair of pop-ups at Bloorcourt's Civil Liberties, a "roadside pit stop" concept and a back patio "tropical" concept serving Vietnamese food from Vit Beo alongside cocktails, beer and wine.

Rice Thieves

Watch out for chefs popping up in the Big Trouble Pizza space in Chinatown. The first concept they hosted was a rice bowl project.


This collaborative sushi pop-up operating out of Baldwin Village's Omai is serving up sushi platters and rice bowls topped with fresh raw fish like uni and steelhead trout.

Brando's Fried Chicken

La Banane has been operating as this Colonel-style fried chicken pop-up serving buckets of chicken as well as classic sides. Don't forget to add on some CXBO chocolate for dessert.

Shrimp's Corner

Donna's is bringing us this pop-up that looks like it will be serving up shrimp, possibly in sandwiches and salads.

852 Curbside Collective

Chau, Phancy Food and Sausage Party have teamed up to bring a diverse variety of offerings to the King West area for curbside pickup, with lots of vegan options.

Parkdale Picnics

This pop-up has been collaborating with spots like Swan Dive, The Emmet Ray and Food & Liquor to offer picnic-type menus such as katsu, grilled cheese, spicy lamb sausage, charred eggplant and chilled orange segments with orange blossom syrup, spiced nuts and mint.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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