Monday, June 4, 2018

The Best Italian Restaurants in Toronto

The best Italian restaurants in Toronto are known not only for their food, but their atmosphere as well. From pizza, pasta, antipasti, seafood and good wine, these spots have all the favourites.

Here are the best Italian restaurants in Toronto.

9 - Sugo

Dressed-down Italian sells like hotcakes at this Bloordale red sauce joint complete with checkered tablecloths. A tight menu of pastas, hot sandwiches and smaller items like meatballs, stuffed peppers and fried calamari can be enjoyed here along with Italian beer and economical cocktails.
3 - Buca (King West)

At this King West powerhouse, plates composed like works of art elevate standard Italian ingredients of tomato, eggplant and radicchio. Pasta is topped with caviar, their famous elongated pizzas with wild boar.
6 - Enoteca Sociale

This Dundas West mainstay from the same people behind Pizzeria Libretto serves up Roman style cuisine including house made pasta and salumi.
4 - Gusto 101

This Italian heavyweight near King and Portland does pizza and pasta as well as a lot of Nonna’s favourites from the old days in an always bustling space alongside street side and rooftop patios.
10 - Il Covo

Hide away at this Little Italy spot from a chef formerly at Buca, where precious handmade fresh pastas are stuffed with cheese or piled high with caviar, veggies are wrapped in lardo and there’s a cellar packed with rare wines and amaros.
5 - Piano Piano

The Italian heart of Toronto beats within the kitchen of this Harbord Village restaurant. Classic luscious carbonaras join pizzas with perfect leoparding on the crust and silver platters of salumi on the menu.
7 - Terroni

Reigning champ of the Toronto Italian scene, one of multiple locations with idyllic patios can be sought out for feasts of meat, cheese, olives, pizzas and pastas, as well as their beloved DIY gin and tonic menu.
11 - Giulietta

This Brockton Village spot in what used to be Bestellen puts out spicy sopressata woodfired pizzas, wholesome Italian veggie sides and must-try scarpinocc in a supremely designed space with top notch service.
8 - Campagnolo

From the deep maroon interior to the open kitchen at this Dundas West restaurant, everything in here screams Italian. Seasonal ingredients influence lovingly put together plates of agnolotto, burrata, pasta and more.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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