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Friday, July 10, 2020

Chocolate peanut butter brand Mumgry finally available in Toronto

A chocolate peanut butter spread that's become one of the country's hottest commodities since Beyonce endorsed it is now finally available in Toronto.

Woman-owned Mumgry is based out of Vancouver but you can now get it through Toronto Market Co., though supplies are extremely limited. 

A 375g jar costs $11 through the online delivery service. Toronto Market Co. says the products is made from "naturally nutritious peanuts that are dry-roasted to perfection, dark chocolate and a hint of salt," and that "Each jar is hand-filled to preserve it’s creamy texture and slow down the process of oil separation that occurs in all natural nut butter."

The spread also contains a mere three grams of sugar which all comes from dark chocolate.

"The Mumgry products are definitely a little tougher to get, which is why supplies are limited," says Toronto Market Co. co-founder Melissa Zuker. The most recent cycle sees orders placed until July 12 available for delivery or pickup on July 16, though Zuker told blogTO that more of the spread should be available July 13.

"As a business, our mandate has always been to support local, artisanal products, and Canadian-made businesses, through our in-person markets. We love helping Torontonians discover new/interesting local food," says Zuker.

"We have a couple moms on our team who have been long-term fans of Mumgry because it's healthy, low-sugar, no added oils/preservatives, but because the company is Vancouver-based, it was never a feasible option to bring their product into our traditional in-person farmers markets."

Once Toronto Market Co. started operating bi-weekly virtual markets about a month ago, and Zuker says "Mumgry was one of the first companies we reached out to. It was a natural fit as it was unique, artisanal and hard to get. This market cycle, ending July 12, is the first time Mumgry has been available."

As of July 10, Zuker told blogTO "We are 75 per cent sold out on two flavours already, and 50 per cent sold out on the other. The response has been incredible because there really is no other similar product available locally. Lilian, the founder of Mumgry, told us she was so happy that we would be carrying it in Toronto because she always receives tons of emails from Toronto locals looking for her nut butters."

So if you're one of those people that's been pining for an answer to your chocolatey cravings, ditch the Nutella and opt for this Canadian spread instead.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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