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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Best Late Night Cafes in Toronto

late night cafes torontoThe best late night cafes in Toronto are a haven for freelancers and social types who prefer their evening libations to be of the caffeinated, but perhaps non-alcoholic, variety. Board game cafés (Snakes and Lattes and For The Win are some examples - more here) are great places for nighttime coffee drinking, but the spiritedness of the gaming precludes café culture of the more erudite or casually social sort. Instead, this is a list of cafes with extended hours so you can keep working, reading and talking with a cup of joe.

Sometimes cocktails and other alcoholic drinks get added to the menu as night falls, while other locations stay true to their coffee shop roots and just keep pumping that caffeine until they close. And if those late coffees keep you up all night, I take no responsibility.

Here are the best late night cafes in Toronto.

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by Erinn Beth Langille via blogTO

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