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Friday, August 31, 2018

Someone filmed all of Queen Street from a TTC streetcar

Have you ever taken the streetcar all the way across town just for fun? It's an excellent way to see the city, and an even better way to document Toronto's fast-changing neighbourhoods for the sake of history.

Inspired by Norweigan-style Slow TV, a YouTuber named Ze Han filmed the entire north side of Queen Street (and beyond) on August 27 while heading eastbound on the 501 streetcar.

The resulting video is over an hour long and, for whatever reason, it's absolutely hypnotizing.

In Han's film, the streetcar starts at the Humber Loop and continues all the way to Neville Park in real time, passing through Parkdale, West Queen West, the Entertainment District, the Garden District, Moss Park, Regent Park, Leslieville, The Beaches and so on and so far.

At times, the ride is painfully slow — as the TTC can be in real life — but watching all of the cool people and places roll by outside Han's window is entertaining.

It's like enjoying the best part of riding a streetcar while skipping all the smells and scary encounters, you know? Even the stops are exciting in an "OMG I've been there!" kind of way.

queen streetcar view

"I've done this ride a million times and it's still interesting to watch it on video," commented one of the video's viewers. Image via Ze Han.

As many on Reddit have pointed out, the video should prove even more valuable in the future.

"Think about how neat it would be to see this same video shot in 1998. How much better would it be watching one from 1978? Or how about 1958?" wrote one commenter. "Thanks for sharing."

"In all seriousness, this will be great to watch in 20~30+ years," wrote someone else. "I love seeing how spaces and locations develop over time."

Also cool? The video's halfway point (around 36:45) lines up almost perfectly with Yonge Street, where Queen West turns into Queen East.

A worthy watch if you're looking for something chill and nostalgic.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

You can snuggle with dwarf goats on this farm near Toronto

Drake just called Donald Trump an idiot

U.S. President Donald Trump is a "f*cking idiot," according to Canadian hero and rapper Drake.

Drizzy declared the news to 16,000 screaming Americans at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn on Thursday night during a stop on his ongoing Aubrey and the Three Migos tour.

"Right now, I feel like we're all living in a country where they try and tell us every single day, on our cell phone, on the news, they try and tell us that we're living in a divided country," he said to the crowd over the intro beat to his hit song "God's Plan."

"And we're listening to this, this fucking idiot that's in office… you understand, we're listening to this idiot in office that's trying to tell us that something's going on."

The audience exploded into cheers and applause at this.

"And meanwhile, right here in Brooklyn, we got 16,000 people from all races and all places and all we're doing is just sitting here, enjoying ourselves, listening to music," Drake continued.

"So I wanna tell you from the bottom of my heart I’m proud of you, because no matter how they tell us the world is going, this is how the world is supposed to work right here."

The artist continued to thank his fans and attribute his success to their support before launching into his final song of the night — but not before saying "My name is Drake and I come from Toronto, Canada."

This line, too, got lots of cheers.

President Trump has yet to respond to the diss, but something tells me that he might take to Twitter with a few choice words of his own.

Drake's tour with Migos continues tonight with two more shows in Brooklyn before they head to Montreal.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

CNE performers and vendors debate crossing the picket line

Police just arrested a man for carrying a rifle on the Queen streetcar

A man has just been arrested for carrying what looks like a semi-automatic rifle in a yellow grocery bag on the 501 Queen streetcar. 

ttc rifle torontoApproximately four police cruisers surrounded a stalled eastbound streetcar at Queen and Augusta less than an hour ago to apprehend a long-haired man wearing a trench coat and what bystanders describe as metal armour underneath. 

ttc rifle torontoSix officers escorted the man from the streetcar and placed him in handcuffs during what seemed to be a relatively resistance-free arrest. They then proceeded to inspect the rifle before placing it in a cop cruiser.  

It's yet to be confirmed whether or not the rifle was loaded, or if it was indeed a real firearm at all. 

Gun violence is an especially sensitive issue in the city now considering yesterday's scare at Yorkdale and ongoing conversations regarding a nationwide gun ban, so it's no surprise this incident has been met with some serious alarm.

But many Torontonians have been quick to note that FanExpo just kicked off yesterday at Metro Convention Centre, and people are hoping that this incident is all just a very convincing cosplay costume gone terribly wrong. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

The Best BBQ Chicken in Toronto

The best BBQ chicken places in Toronto are where you’ll find slow-roasted skewers of juicy chicken, Portuguese-style. Get your fix of piri piri sauce at these churrasqueiras and round it off with a side of those tender Parisienne potatoes.

Here are the best BBQ chicken places in Toronto.

5 - The Rooster Rotisserie and Grill

This Bloorcourt chicken joint offers the choice between whole rotisserie-cooked or butterflied grilled birds with a selection of stellar sides, which include lemon roasted potatoes and roasted artichokes.
11 - Churrasquiera Do Sardinha

A Little Italy fave, this beloved eatery serves up slow-roasted chicken that’s simple and delicious. It’s a no frills spot to gorge on saucy chicken brushed with piri piri on a bed of rice and potatoes.
6 - Churrasco Portugril

This homey spot by Eglinton and Victoria Park has a big menu of favourites like sandwiches and ribs, but obviously the roasted chicken is where it’s at. And if you like their peri peri hot sauce, you can take some home.
7 - Bairrada Churrasqueira

Maybe the most famous Portuguese BBQ chicken place in the city, Bairrada’s cozy patio is as famous as the chicken dinners they serve, best enjoyed while watching the game with a pitcher of sangria.
8 - Churrasqueira Martins

Fine dining meets a casual takeout counter at this Rogers Road restaurant, where you can take some rotisserie chicken to-go or choose to eat it in their surprisingly fancy dining room which boasts a huge selection of wine.
3 - St. Matthew's BBQ Chicken

This counter on Roger’s Road is the definition of family-run. The Pintos live on top of the restaurant and their kids have taken over by serving some of the juiciest chicken around. Better than their famous smoky hot sauce are their low prices.
4 - Best Portuguese Chicken

More fondly known as BPC, this Queensway joint is popular with Etobicoke folks for their huge portions of delicious rotisserie birds with moist potatoes and rice pilaf, served with veggies or a side of house salads.
9 - Churrasqueira Costa Verde

Specializing in whole-grilled or rotisserie chicken covered in piri piri sauce, this Oakwood takeout counter does a hearty serving of bird with grilled veggies, roasted potatoes, rice, fries, and side salad.
10 - Churrasqueira Portugal

This traditional spot by Eglinton and Dufferin sells quarters, halves, and wholes of that addictive piri piri-covered chicken. Their hot table is also decked out with rice, potatoes and shrimp puffs to round out your meat.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

Toronto is already complaining about the air show

It's the most terrifying time of the year for cats, dogs, young children and anyone who's actually lived in a war zone: Airshow time.

The 69th annual Canadian International Air Show is set to take place over Lake Ontario this long weekend, every day between 1 and 3 p.m., in conjunction with the end of the 2018 CNE.

Of course, the fighter pilots are already up in the sky as of Friday afternoon freaking the heck out of probably every animal and tourist in the city.

Described as an "aviation extravaganza," this year's performance features both the Canadian Forces Snowbirds and the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds aerial acrobatic jet teams.

It'll be the first time in 15 years that the Americans bring along their "signature F16's," according to The Ex, and their only performance outside of the U.S. this year.

"The afternoon comes to its final crescendo with the spectacular CF Snowbirds electrifying crowds with extraordinary aerial manoeuvres performed by nine amazing pilots who come from across Canada," reads the Canadian National Exhibition's website.

"Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), the show is a shining example of a 60 year old history of USA and Canadian cooperation."

Cool, if you like military weapons, aerospace engineering or Canadiana — a lot of people do. But not the entire population of Toronto.

In fact, many people who live within earshot of the annual three-day-long spectacle (plus the "practice days" the precede it) absolutely hate the annual airshow.

So many people in this city hate the airshow that it could very well become a political issue leading up to this fall's municipal election.

I mean, it's really, really loud.

Given the current political climate, fighter jets in the sky are a bit unnerving for some.

Many on Twitter have been arguing in recent years that the air show both celebrates violence and needlessly inflicts trauma upon refugees who've fled regions in conflict.

There's also the environmental factor. F/A-18 Hornets need a lot of energy to do what they do, and Teslas they are not.

Perhaps something a little less ear-splitting could take its place.


by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

Ontario government takes next step to takeover the TTC

It looks like the TTC subways won't be a Toronto issue for much longer. 

Minister of Transportation John Yakabuski announced today that, as per Premiere Doug Ford's campaign promise, the Conservative Party has appointed a Special Advisor to oversee the transfer of subway line management from the City of Toronto to the province. 

The new advisor Michael Lindsay—formerly a vice president of commercial projects at Infrastructure Ontario—will be in charge of making recommendations on how to best upload responsibilities for the city-owned rail network to the next level of government. 

Working alongside a panel of around three experts who have yet to be appointed, Lindsay's duties will include the building of new subway lines as well as the maintenance of old ones.  According the statement he won't be paid for his role as Special Advisor. 

"Traffic congestion and a lack of transit infrastructure is costing money, jobs and time," said Yakabuski in his announcement. "Our government is stepping up and treating the subway like the vital service it is." 

The Conservative Party has previously stated that the transfer of subway line ownership from municipal to provincial will not effect the day-to-day operations of the TTC, and cites reduced costs and quicker build times for the change. 

Critics of the transition have argued that the split in subway ownership could potentially result in conflicts between the City and the province.

When this new panel of experts will start making recommendations has yet to be announced.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

Drake takes heat for wearing Hells Angels hoodie

Video shows man clinging to car hood on Toronto highway

A 42-year-old Scarborough man is facing multiple charges after allegedly assaulting someone with a weapon while travelling along Highway 404 on Wednesday morning.

The weapon in question? His car — the same car pictured in a now-viral dash cam clip with a man clinging to its hood while moving at speeds of nearly 100 km/h.

Police are calling what happened on Wednesday a "road rage incident," but witnesses could be forgiven for thinking it was some good old Hollywood North movie magic (The Rock is... HOOD RIDER!).

It wasn't Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis or Jason Statham on the hood of that car, though. It was a local man named Dave Yeomans, who says he only jumped on the car to avoid being run over.

Yeomans, as the story goes, initiated what would be the ride of his life by refusing to let another vehicle merge in front of him on the highway.

The other driver is alleged to have started screaming profanities at Yeomans. Both vehicles eventually came to a stop — in live traffic — as the men had a war of words.

At one point, Yeomans says the other driver got out of his car and threw a tool box at him.

"Then he went back to his car, so I got out to take a picture of his licence plate and maybe him, and then he sped towards me," he said to CBC Toronto this week.

He jumped onto the car's hood so that he "wouldn't get hit" and says he thought to himself: "Just hold on to the hood and wiper blades, and hope he doesn't swerve."

Yeomans estimates that he travelled about 500 metres on the vehicle before the driver stopped abruptly, allowing him to slide off. Fellow motorist Daniel Yang managed to capture part of that journey with his dash cam.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt announced on Thursday that Edward Ennis of Scarborough is charged with dangerous driving and assault with a weapon for his alleged role in the road rage incident.

"There's no place for that in our society. I don't know what he was thinking," said Schmidt to CTV News last night, calling the incident "extremely dangerous."

"It could have been far worse," said the officer of how Yeomans fared. "Had he fallen off or slipped out he would have been run over by that car or any other car beside him."

Schmidt encouraged all motorists to use their heads while driving, regardless of how rushed they are.

"Everyone is trying to get to work or home or wherever and all have an agenda and all want to merge or drive at their own pace," he said. "A little bit of courtesy, decency and respect goes a long way in de-escalating these kind of things."

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

Sold! Architecturally stunning Toronto home goes for $1.89 million

This house is a kind of like a mullet. It’s heritage in the front, modern in the back.

89 kingswood road torontoThe house was built in 1921 and since then, two architects have inhabited the space and renovated it into a modern beauty. 

89 kingswood road torontoThe home is bright and airy. The entrance of the house that flows into the living room is more in line with the original house with the wood door and window frames.

89 kingswood road torontoThe kitchen and dining area are arguably the most stunning part of the house. The 16-foot ceilings in the kitchen are put to use by massive floor-to-ceiling windows, which are angled specifically to catch the sunrise. They're breathtaking.

89 kingswood road torontoI also love the floating cabinets, allowing whoever’s in the kitchen to be part of the action that’s happening in the dining room.

89 kingswood road torontoThe house has three spacious bedrooms and two office spaces, one of which has a ladder up to a built-in loft bed.

89 kingswood road torontoThe second-floor master bedroom has a hardwood floor, two double mirrored closets and a fireplace with a wood mantle.

89 kingswood road torontoThere’s more living space in the basement with a big laundry room and steps down to a sunken rec room.

89 kingswood road torontoAlso in the basement is a spa area with a jacuzzi that overlooks the ravine.

89 kingswood road torontoAttached is a four-piece bathroom with a clawfoot tub.

89 kingswood road torontoAs for outdoor space, there’s a three-tiered deck and rooftop patio which overlook a beautiful ravine. This house is kinda like a very upscale treehouse.

89 kingswood road torontoThe Essentials
  • Address: 89 Kingswood Road
  • Type: House
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Size: 50 x 130  feet
  • Realtor: Andrew Ipekian Real Estate
  • Hit the market at: $1,889,000
  • Sold for: $1,889,000
89 kingswood road torontoWhy it sold for what it did?

It’s a magnificent home in the popular Beaches neighbourhood. I’m kinda surprised it didn’t go for more.

89 kingswood road torontoWas it worth it?

I sure think so. Yes, some of the bathrooms look a bit dated, but that’s part of the charm. It’s a unique house on a stunning property. You can’t really go wrong.89 kingswood road toronto

by Misha Gajewski via blogTO