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Monday, December 31, 2018

Vegan protesters target Toronto restaurant for serving horse meat

No amount of hunger can justify literally eating a horse, in the eyes of animal rights activists.

I mean, same goes for every other living creature on the planet, but we're talking about horses today—and specifically about horse meat being served at one of Toronto's most-popular French restaurants.

La Palette on Queen Street West was once famous for serving, and then not serving, and then once again serving du cheval, which, to be fair, looks truly disgusting in any form.

A group called the Grassroots Anti-Speciesism Shift (you may remember them from the Antler restaurant saga) has taken up issue with the restaurant for this reason, and for "openly mocking animal right's activists efforts to speak up for animals."

"While some are touting 2019 as the year of the vegan," writes GRASS in a media release, "customers and even staff at La Palette created counter signs (BEST HORSE EVER) they offered up to the protesters."

la palette horse

Protesters have gathered outside La Palette twice over the past month to protest its support of the horse meat industry. Image via GRASS.

Led by activist Marni Jill Ugar, the protesters have now staged at least two demonstrations outside the business, most recently on Friday night, to educate diners and show them video footage of horses at a slaughterhouse.

"A waitress came out with a sign that she changed from 'I love duck' to 'I love dick.'," writes Ugar of the Friday night protest.

"Vegan mocking is common, way easier to laugh at us than to face the cruelty (La Palette serves foie gras)," she continues. "People seem to conveniently lose sight of the victims: The animals, not the activists."

horse protest

A woman who clearly delights in eating horse meat laughs rapturously while her companions mock animal rights activists. Photo by Len Goldberg.

Ugar says that she spoke to the restaurant's owner, who came out twice during the protest, first to express his anger and then again to say that his wife is vegan and discuss the issue with protesters.

"He said the horses he gets lived a full life racing or pulling carts for Mennonite people," writes Ugar. "I told him after years of being exploited the thank you they receive at the end of their lives is being shoved onto a slaughter truck."

"Race horses are pumped full of hormones," she adds. "Something those eating their flesh while laughing at us might want to consider."

Wherever the discussions landed, it's likely this won't be the group's last protest outside La Palette. Even after they inadvertently helped Antler and Chef Michael Hunter go viral, they continued to protest the Dundas West wild game restaurant for months.

"Some call us angry vegans, some call us privileged vegans, if you were the animals what would you want people to do for you?" writes Ugar. "Currently most people's comfort zone includes animal exploitation, how can comfort include torture and exploitation?"

Now there's some food for thought.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

Iconic Toronto bookstore closing after 35 years for U of T residence

Fines for texting and driving in Ontario are about to skyrocket

Starting tomorrow, Ontario will have the toughest distracted driving laws in all of Canada.

It's a 2019 regulatory change that police hope will curb what's become a leading cause of fatal collisions in the province—and one that will see fines for using a phone behind the wheel more than double to $1,000 on the first offence and, in some cases, lead to the complete cancellation of an offender's licence.

Oddly enough, it's all part of a cannabis-related bill passed by Ontario's Liberal government back in 2017.

Bill 174, which goes into effect on January 1, makes a number of amendments to The Highway Traffic Act, mostly in regards to driving under the influence of drugs.

One section, however, includes a new provision that also increases penalties for "the offence of driving while a display screen is visible to the driver, or driving while holding a hand-held wireless communication device or similar device."

The law mandates that distracted drivers be fined a minimum of $500 up to a maximum of $3,000, plus three demerit points (hello higher insurance rates) even looking at a digital screen while driving.

Licences will be suspended for between three and 30 days, except for in the case of drivers who don't yet have a full G license. They face a 30 day suspension on first conviction, 90 days for the second, and the cancellation of their license entirely if busted for a third time.

"Using your phone to talk, text, check maps or choose a playlist while you're behind the wheel all count as distracted driving," reads the government's website.

"Other activities like eating, reading or typing a destination into a GPS are also dangerous when you’re behind the wheel," it continues.

"It doesn't matter if you’re on a highway or stopped at a red light – distracted driving could cost you."

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

Toronto is in for a wet and messy New Year's Eve

You might want include an umbrella in tonight's ensemble, if you're heading out for New Year's Eve. That, or get to where you're going early (like, 3 p.m. early) and stay inside until the ball drops.

A significant storm system is rolling into Southern Ontario right now, according to the Weather Network, bringing with it a "messy mix of rain, snow, and wintry precipitation."

Fortunately for your footwear options, Toronto should only see the rain part of that fun weather trio after reaching a high of 4 C on Monday afternoon.

It'll feel like -2 C this evening, if meteorologists are correct, but with an actual temperature of 3 C it won't be cold enough to do anything but rain out there. And rain it will.

Showers are expected to begin around 3 p.m. this afternoon, with the heaviest rains to fall between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. By 1 a.m., however, forecasters are calling only for cloudiness—so getting home from the party might be a bit easier than getting there.

Strong winds are inevitable, but Toronto should be spared the truly nasty storm-like weather headed for everyone between Windsor and Hamilton, where special weather statements are in effect.

Things could change at the drop of a hat, of course, with two competing weather systems moving into the province.

So... if you really want to play it safe, plan for Chinese food and champagne on the couch. Or just go out and buy a cute umbrella. It's NYE. Treat yo'self.

by Lauren O'Neil via blogTO

The top 21 new bars in Toronto by neighbourhood

New bars in Toronto are where to go to scope out the nightlife in each neighbourhood. Dives, saloons, taverns, watering holes, whatever you want to call them, some great new spots to get your drink on opened in our city this year.

Here are my picks for the top new bars in Toronto by neighbourhood.


Myato Gastropub now blends the intersection of Korean and pub cultures found in this neighbourhood. 


Greek restaurant Menalon turned into wine bar Paradise Grapevine this year, the magical back patio given some much-needed tlc.


Replacing Orchard, The Jim now serves alligator tacos and a formidable array of craft beer. 

Canary District 

The Aviary Brewpub is now the official home of long slice brewing in this neighbourhood. 


Big Trouble Bar opened up this year above Sichuan ren, serving baijiu and “bang bang shrimp.”

Church Wellesley Village 

Storm Crow transformed a multi-storey structure into an escapist fantasy designed just for nerds this year. 


Cocktails, mocktails and coffee can now be found at the cozy Henrietta Lane.

Sidebar Toronto

Sidebar is a chill but classy destination for pre-show dinner and post-show drinks. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Sidebar provides a new spot for drinks and eats right before a show at the Danforth Music Hall right next door. 

Dundas West 

Tilt may have had to move from the Annex to make way for the Annex Hotel, but it’s to the benefit of this neighbourhood that now gets free play of over 50 arcade games for a flat fee. 

Entertainment District 

The Templar hotel welcomed Filipino-influenced Mother Tongue to its lower floors this year. 

Financial District 

Pong Bar opened up under Walrus Pub, a ping pong ball counterpart to the restaurant upstairs. 


Balkan-themed bar Blua has transformed a sports bar into a veritable dreamscape. 


Koi Koi Sake Bar serves, of course, sake, as well as a variety of fun snacks to go along with it. 

King West 

Petty Cash is the latest venture from Steve Gonzalez of Baro and Nate Middleton of the now-closed Home of the Brave, serving chicken sandwiches and burgers. 

Vatican Gift Shop Toronto

Just push past the romanesque door to find the hidden Vatican Gift Shop bar. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Vatican Gift Shop is this areas latest “secret bar,” tucked behind a church-themed gift shop.

Little Italy 

Come See Me now serves chicken and waffles on a stick and has DJs every night. 


Dumbo Snack Bar has all the finger foods and fun atmosphere this bar-filled neighbourhood could ask for.


Bocce meets mini golf at Lob, a new yard games bar. 


Live music and kettle chips are what you’ll find at cute new spot Bluebird.


People’s Pint is the latest craft brewery to open up in this area, serving up a ton of great choices.

West Queen West 

Councillor serves scratch bar snacks and traditional cocktails, playing multiple sports games at a time to keep all fans satisfied. 

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

This Week on DineSafe: Riz, Starbucks, Weston BBQ Restaurant, Wahlburgers

This week on DineSafe, I am happy to announce that we finish 2018 off with no restaurant closures. Instead, we see chains like Starbucks and Wahlburgers land conditional passes.

Discover which other local spots got busted by city health inspectors this week on DineSafe.

Starbucks (494 Bloor St. West)
  • Inspected on: December 24, 2018
  • Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional)
  • Number of infractions: 2 (Significant: 2)
  • Crucial infractions include: N/A
Furama Cakes and Desserts (248 Spadina Ave.)
  • Inspected on: December 28, 2018
  • Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional)
  • Number of infractions: 4 (Significant: 3, Crucial: 1)
  • Crucial infractions include: Food premise maintained in manner permitting adverse effect on food.
Riz (1677 Bayview Ave.)
  • Inspected on: December 28, 2018
  • Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional)
  • Number of infractions: 8 (Minor: 3, Significant: 4, Crucial: 1)
  • Crucial infractions include: Failed to ensure food handler in food premise washes hands as necessary to prevent contamination of food area.
Wahlburgers (46 Blue Jays Way)
  • Inspected on: December 28, 2018
  • Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional)
  • Number of infractions: 6 (Minor: 1, Significant: 5)
  • Crucial infractions include: N/A
Weston BBQ Restaurant (1872 Weston Rd.)
  • Inspected on: December 29, 2018
  • Inspection finding: Yellow (Conditional)
  • Number of infractions: 9 (Minor: 6, Significant: 3)
  • Crucial infractions include: N/A

Note: The above businesses each received infractions from DineSafe as originally reported on the DineSafe site. This does not imply that any of these businesses have not subsequently corrected the issue and received a passing grade by DineSafe inspectors. For the latest status for each of the mentioned businesses, including details on any subsequent inspections, please be sure to check the DineSafe site.

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

The Best Pork Bone Soup in Toronto

The best pork bone soup in Toronto is Korean comfort food at its best, and usually for around $10 and under. Tuck into a bowl gamjatang on a cold day or hit up a 24-hour restaurant in Koreatown to feel its soothing effects.

Here's where to find the best pork bone soup in Toronto.

11 - Chaban

This Queensway addition is a humble spot providing high-quality PBS. It comes boiling hot and best of all, actually tastes homemade. Get it quick because it might sell out for the day.
6 - Sunrise House

Dine on a steaming bowl of gamjatang in this teeny, neon green-walled restaurant in Koreatown. The best part is how cheap this spot is, especially for the portions.
3 - Owl of Minerva (Yonge St.)

There are a few locations of this mainstay chain around the city; some are open 24/7. Grab this spicy broth with noodles, rice cakes, or dumplings.
4 - Korean Village Restaurant

This Koreatown institution has been a reliable source for sizzling stone pots of pork bone soup for over 30 years. It's loaded with bones, potatoes, and the usual garnishes of bean sprouts and perilla seeds.
5 - Ka Chi (Dundas St.)

The pork bone stew is so good here it comes in five different specials, with a drink on the side. There's a few restaurants scattered around the city, including Koreatown and Kensington.
7 - Cho Sun Ok

People flock to this restaurant upwards of Yonge and Steeles for their epic pork bone soup. Their delicious broth is made with pork, bean paste, and morsels of pork neck bones.
8 - Tofu Village

Contrary to its name, this Koreantown restaurant deals in more than just tofu. Tender pork, soft potatoes, cabbage, and bean sprouts make up the colourful spicy broth in this comfy haunt.
9 - Lim Ga Ne

Whether you're near Koreatown or the northern iteration by Yonge and Finch, this city favourite is a go-to for steaming broth with tender chunks of braised pork, potatoes, and a sprinkling of scallions.
10 - Nak Won (Markham)

This boisterous chain of restaurants offers bowls of gamjatang with potatoes and rice. There's also the option to have it with cheese or instant soup noodle. Head to Koreatown North, Markham, or Richmond Hill to try it.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

Toronto New Year's Eve Party Guide 2019

New Year's Eve parties in Toronto for 2019 are set to turn the city into the metropolitan equivalent of a giant disco ball. Party it up high above the skyline in the CN Tower or bar hop along the street. Plan your night accordingly and let the countdown begin.

Events you might want to check out:

New Year's Eve at the CN Tower (December 31 @ CN Tower)
For the first time in years, the iconic CN Tower is hosting a blowout New Year's bash complete with glass floor dancing, food, drinks and tunes.
ROM New Year's Eve (December 31 @ Royal Ontario Museum)
The ROM is once again hosting an epic night of celebrations with party-goers spread out throughout the museum among drinks, food and music.
New Year’s Eve at Nathan Phillips Square (December 31 @ Nathan Phillips Square)
Thousands are set to gather in the Square for this annual New Year's celebration, featuring live performances, skating and a fireworks show.
Chronologic NYE (December 31 @ The Garrison)
All the hottest dance hits played in chronological order are on at The Garrison's annual New Years Eve extravaganza.
Majestic NYE at the Royal York Hotel (December 31 @ Fairmont Royal York)
Head into the new year at the famed Royal York Hotel as it hosts a night of fun over three rooms with food, drinks, live performances and lots more.
New Year's Eve (December 31 @ Ripley's Aquarium of Canada)
Party it up among the fish this year as Ripley's hosts its New Year's party with live music, drinks, food stations and activities all night long.
Las Vegastone (December 31 @ Gladstone Hotel)
Viva Las Vegastone this New Year's as the Gladstone recreates Las Vegas with all its class and trash, dancing, drinks and even a wedding chapel.
The Broadview's NYE Bash (December 31 @ The Broadview Hotel)
Ring in the new year looking out over the city at the newly revamped Broadview Hotel's gorgeous space alongside drinks, food, dancing and more.
Headlines NYE (December 31 @ Drake Hotel)
The whole of the Drake is set to ring in the new year with performances, dinning, live music, dancing and art happening throughout the space.
Dwayne Gretzky NYE (December 31 @ The Danforth Music Hall)
Toronto musical collective party band Dwayne Gretzky is on hand to ring in the new year at the Danforth with a night of tunes and dancing.
Big Sound NYE (December 31 @ Mod Club)
Dance it out to all the classics played live at this huge New Year's celebration with a full band of over 30 members ready to play into the night.
Ozmozis NYE (December 31 @ Opera House)
It's the tenth anniversary of this New Years party featuring the best of Toronto's underground DJ scene spinning the tunes all night.
Fit NYE (December 31 @ Round)
The first ever Fit New Year's party is on with huge hits playing from three DJs, drinks, go-go dancers and bubbles at midnight.
NYE at Rebel (December 31 @ Rebel)
Rebel is throwing it down all night in celebration of New Year's with DJs in every room spinning the hottest tracks to ring in the new year.
NYE at Uniun (December 31 @ Uniun Nightclub)
The party is on at Union with one of the biggest New Year's celebrations with a night of hot hits, drinks and dancing in the Entertainment District.
Lavelle NYE (December 31 @ Lavelle)
Have some splashy fun this year at Lavalle with a huge throwdown featuring dancing, drinks, DJs and dinner in support of charity.
New Years Eve at Swan Dive (December 31 @ Swan Dive)
Forget the cover and get the cheap drinks at Swan Dive this New Years as DJ Shirley Tempo plays all the best psych, soul, pop, rock and guilty pleasures.
NYE Video Dance Party (December 31 @ Handlebar)
Shake your booty to all the retro jams at this 80's and 90's showdown this New Year's during this dance party with drinks and videos all night long.
Back In The Day New Years Eve (December 31 @ Revival)
Go back to a time of lip liner, pagers, and a budding digital age at this 90's New Year's dance party with all the old school hip-hop, R&B, house and more.
Night Owl Festival Psychedelic NYE (December 31 @ The Baby G)
Night Owl is ready to get spacey at this psychedelic rock party with Montreal's garage rock Bloodshot Bill playing live and a champagne toast.
NYE Golden Age (December 31 @ Berkeley Mansion)
Dance it out at the Berkeley Mansion among a night of tunes, food, drinks, live performances, entertainment and lots more surprises all night long.
Fade County NYE at Bangarang (December 31 @ Bangarang)
Sip, dance, celebrate and play at one of the newest game bars in the city as Bangarang hosts a Spring Break-themed New Year's party.
The Office NYE at Track & Field (December 31 @ Track & Field Bar)
It's threat level midnight at Track & Field where lots of games, drinks, music, and all things The Office are going down to celebrate the occasion.
Trading Places NYE (December 31 @ Remix Lounge)
Party it up and countdown to all the best retro, alternative, pop, hip-hop and more with DJ Lazarus and DJ Osaze spinning the hits.
NYE at CODA (December 31 @ Coda)
CODA is ready to ring in the New Year with DJ Billy Kelly coming all the way from England to spin the best UK garage, house and techno.
NYE Ballroom and Latin Dance (December 31 @ SPK POLISH HALL)
Hot and sweaty Latin hits are on at this New Years party that's got all the traditional ballroom, latin, salsa, swing to get you moving.
Stones Place New Years Eve (December 31 @ Stones Place)
All the rock, soul, pop, disco, funk and more can be found at this New Years party with loads of campaign, balloons and dancing to boot.
New Years on King Street (December 31 @ District Lounge)
King Street is the place to be on New Year's Eve and this big party promises stylish folks gathering to celebrate with drinks, tunes and lots more.
NYE 90's House Party (December 31 @ The Office Pub)
Jump around to all the biggest hits of the decade that never died at this big 90's house party-style New Years jam with all kinds of surprises in store.
New Years Eve at the Painted Lady (December 31 @ Painted Lady)
DJ Adverb and friends are on deck spinning all the best dance tracks to ring in the new year among bartop burlesque, cocktails, snacks and lots more.
Bovine NYE Banger (December 31 @ Bovine Sex Club)
Rock out at the Bovine Sex Club this New Years with a banger of a show featuring Organ Thieves, Future Now, Ship Of Fools and The Anti Queens.
NYE Party at the Boat (December 31 @ The Boat)
This Kensington favourite is ready for a night of partying with hits from every decade, drinks and lots of dancing until the early morning.
Dublin Calling NYE Party (December 31 @ Dublin Calling)
Dublin Calling is ready to party with a night of glitz and glamour, Irish-style. Dancing, drinks and hot hits are all ready to bring you into the new year.
New Year's Eve Bash at The Rec Room (December 31 @ The Rec Room)
Partying and play is the name of the game at the Rec Room's big New Year's Bash hosted comedian Dan Galea and DJ Mensa on deck.
Nearly Naked NYE (December 31 @ Cherry Cola's)
It's a burlesque-style New Years party with a lineup of performances and sexy cabaret dancers ready to ring in the new year right.
Elton vs. The Disco (December 31 @ 2nd Floor Events)
Seventies-style glitz and glamour is in at this Elton John-inspired party featuring two floors of costumes, drinks, food and grooves all night long.
Get Funked NYE (December 31 @ Drums N Flats)
Get funked this New Years with big band Atomic Hustle playing all the best funk, R&B, disco and pop live alongside food, dancing and drinks.
New Years Eve Salsa Party (December 31 @ Lula Lounge)
A New Years party to get your feet moving, all the best salsa and Latin tunes are on among dinner, dancing, drinks and a midnight toast.
Black and White Masquerade (December 31 @ Boxcar Social (Harbourfront))
Party for a good cause at this glamorous end-of-year soiree with costumes, drinks, dancing and a portion of the ticket sales going to SickKids.
Straight Cash Homie NYE (December 31 @ Monarch Tavern)
Now in its third year. the Monarch is hosting its annual New Years bash compete with all the hottest hip-hop, rap and R&B all night long.
Thunderball NYE (December 31 @ CC Lounge)
Everything shaken, not stirred, is on at this 007-themed New Years bash with all James Bond attire and an epic ball drop at midnight.
Level Up Your NYE (December 31 @ Power Up Game Bar)
Nerd it up this New Years as Power Up is ready to party with a night of drinks, dancing and gaming to blast you into the new year.
Tranzac New Year's Eve (December 31 @ Tranzac Club)
Live tunes are on with a stellar lineup of performances by Luge, Moon King, Luna Li, Bizzarh, Persons and lots more playing all night long.

by Lisa Power via blogTO

The top 30 restaurants for New Year's Eve in Toronto

Restaurants for New Year’s Eve in Toronto provide places to chow down before you count down. Whether you hit up an early seating to lay the foundation for a night of drinking, or want to be at one of these restaurants when the clock strikes midnights, these spots guarantee a full stomach and a good time.

Here are my picks for restaurants for New Year’s Eve in Toronto.


Chinatown’s source of modern Asian cuisine is doing a four-course chef’s choice tasting menu for dinner on New Year’s Eve for $75.


There’s one earlier seating for a $50 four-course menu and two later ones for a five-course $70 menu at this unabashedly animal-free restaurant in Yorkville.

The Drake

No matter what outpost of this Toronto restaurant empire you visit on New Year’s Eve, they’ve all got something going on in terms of bubbly, bites and dancing: Drake 150 and Mini Bar in the Financial District, the Hotel on West Queen West, and Commissary in the Junction Triangle.

new years eve restaurants

You can't go wrong with the food at Dailo on College St. Photo by Jesse Milns.


Chef Susur Lee has created a special menu just for NYE at his eponymous restaurant in the Financial District including items like crab cakes, prosciutto-wrapped pear, and red curry short rib priced at $120 per person, with a special sommelier pairing for $45 per person.

Farmhouse Tavern

This restaurant in the Junction triangle with a farm-to-table ethos is doing a special New Year’s Eve prix fixe menu.


There’ll be a chef’s tasting menu for $90 including champagne and dessert at this Little Italy Asian restaurant.


A menu of signature dishes will be served at this splashy Yorkville steakhouse in celebration of New Year’s Eve, plus party down with cocktails, DJs and a midnight toast.


A New Year’s Eve Kaiseki at this upscale sushi restaurant in the South Core features signature sashimi and aburi sushi.

new years eve restaurants

Miku on Queens Quay serves up some of the best Japanese in the city. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Carbon Bar

Seatings at this Southern restaurant in Corktown increase in price the later it gets, starting with a $59 early bird seating and ramping up to a $79 second seating and a $99 NYE seating that includes complimentary sparkling at midnight. Ring in the New Year with BBQ platters and duck tacos.

Bar Sybanne

A menu for $50 per person at this Ossington and Dundas restaurant includes lamb, booze and bubbly.


A seating at 5 p.m. is $69 and a seating at 9 p.m. is $89 at this restaurant tucked away on Wellington, serving oysters, lamb tartare and venison tourtiere.

Fifth Grill

A special menu at this glitzy yet secretive restaurant features Mediterranean seabass, roasted rack of lamb and an artisan cheese course for $85.

East Thirty-Six

This restaurant near Wellington and Church is doing dinner service until 11 p.m. and cocktails plus dancing until 3 a.m. with complimentary Cava for reservations prior to 6:30 p.m.

new years eve restaurants

Viaggio has taken over the old Branca space in Brockton Village. Photo by Jesse Milns.

12 Tables

A four-course prix fixe meal is going for $99 at this Italian restaurant at Yonge and Lawrence.

Table 21

This restaurant near Bloor and Royal York will be serving their regular menu on the last night of the year, but with a few extra special twists.


A four-course menu priced at $65 per person is available from this Italian restaurant in Cabbagetown.


Seatings are super flexible at this Brockton Village restaurant, going from 4 to 10 p.m. and priced at $110 per person with options on the menu like squid ink spaghetti, porchetta, or wild boar osso bucco..

Broadview Hotel

This New Year’s Eve bash is taking over an entire hotel in Riverside, with cocktails, champers and bites in the cafe bar, a DJ and cash bar on the rooftop, a fancy feast in the ground floor restaurant and rooms for the booking with breakfast service.


This restaurant on Portland will be transformed into a Caribbean house party for the New Year with bites, a champagne toast and a DJ, all for a $50 entry fee.

new years eve restaurants

Dinner gets intimate at Omai in Baldwin Village. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

Annette Food Market

Located, perhaps obviously, on Annette, this restaurant is doing a four-course prix fixe menu priced at $75 for earlier seatings, and $85 for a later seating that includes a midnight champagne toast.


It’s business as usual from 6 to 10 p.m. at this Baldwin Village hand roll bar, but after that they’re throwing a Japanese pintxos party with food all night and bubbles for a $40 flat fee.

Eastbound Brewing

Have a laid-back New Year’s at this Riverside brewery doing a special New Year’s menu as well as beer cocktails.


There are seatings at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. for an a la carte New Year’s dinner at this Latin American King West heavyweight.


There are dinner reservations until 9 p.m. at this West Queen West restobar and from then on it’s late night bites, a DJ and complimentary champagne for a mere $10 cover. 


Ring in the new year Turkish-style at this restaurant with a $120 five-course feast accompanied by a band and belly dancing. 

new years eve restaurants

Barans is a reliable spot in Scarborough for Turkish feasts.Photo by Hector Vasquez.


This restaurant on Dundas West can kick off your night with a seating ending at 8:30 p.m. for $65 per person, or can be your main event with a party starting at 9:30 p.m. with a buffet, drinks specials and dancing. 


This West Queen West hotel is embracing a Vegas theme for New Year’s with a strict classy OR trashy dress code (NO in between). There’s a prix fixe dinner and get this: you can actually get for realsies married at this party.

La Paella

A special New Year’s menu from this Leslieville Spanish spot is a one-of-a-kind way to cap off the year.


This Dundas West restaurant is changing up traditions by hosting an LGBTQ event in their space to ring in the New Year, featuring a three-course dinner and open bar. 


There are two seatings for a four-course prix fixe dinner for $65-a-person at this Junction beer bar, and after that there’s a free party starting at 10:30 p.m. that’s first come, first serve.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO