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Saturday, March 31, 2018

The top 10 old school pizza in Toronto

The top old school pizza in Toronto come from longstanding institutions that have been slinging out slices of cheesy goodness for decades. In the face of countless gourmet pizzerias opening up around the city, these tried-and-true spots continue to do their thing.

Here are picks for the top old school pizza in Toronto. 

Danforth Pizza House

The much-loved orange countertops of this longtime restaurant by Donlands has been serving up whole pizzas since 1964. Unlike other spots, all toppings go under the cheese, except for the tomatoes, which rest on top of gooey cheese. The result: puffy, chewy deliciousness. 

Vesuvio's Pizzeria

This Junction staple has been around since 1957, claiming the title of Toronto's first and oldest pizza parlour. Bringing over New York-style pizza to Toronto, Dominic Pugliese and his brothers introduced the city to delicious Italian meals and pies that remain a hit to this day. 

Camarra Pizza

Thick crust pizzas are the consistent draw at this restaurant near Dufferin and Glencairn. Prices have definitely risen significantly since 1958, but regulars still love the option to create a custom pizza with dough that's made in-house daily.


It's nothing but pepperoni pizzas at this tiny pizzeria in Little Italy. Though the interior of this place has remained relatively unchanged since the late 60s, the spot still boasts pretty cheap prices for massive slices of old school pizza topped with delicious tomato sauce.  

The Real McCoy

This family-run spot in Scarborough is takeout only. Started by Elias Mihail and now run by his son George, this plaza restaurant is decked out in old timey kitschy decor and sells enormous slices of greasy pizza.

Oakwood Pizzeria

Thin crust pizzas are the specialty at this surprisingly big spot just south of Eglinton and Oakwood. Open in 1974, these crispy pies are affordable and come topped with a homemade tomato sauce that are great for delivery and pickup. 

Il Paesano

Run by the same family since 1957, this Etobicoke restaurant has for years been a place for group gatherings itching for classic Italian meals. Pizzas are huge and fresh; getting these delivered are highly recommended, but make sure to reheat at home for ideal crispiness.

Frank’s Pizza House

They may be better known for their huge calzones, but this Corso Italia restaurant has also been doing delicious handmade pizzas since 1965; with a fun, family-friendly environment, this spot is a classic. 

Milano’s Pizza

Expect lots of medium crust pies with loads of toppings at this restaurant in Etobicoke, established in 1963. Flavourful pizzas covered with cheesy goodness make this spot a popular west end institution. 

Gerrard Spaghetti & Pizza House

The owners of this Danforth mainstay have upgraded the ovens of this restaurant, which has been open since 1966. This spot's now been upgraded into a full menu for a sit down experience, with customizable pies plus over 65 pre-designed pies. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

The hottest place to do yoga is now at Toronto craft breweries

The top 10 boozy brunch restaurants in Toronto

Boozy brunch restaurants in Toronto are the best way to celebrate the weekend. Before you dive back into the work week, dig into brunch specials, fun cocktails, and if you can afford the time or money, all-you-can-drink options. 

Here are my picks for the top boozy brunch restaurants in Toronto. 

Green Wood

This Leslieville spot has a big selection of alcoholic drinks, most notably their unique cocktails. Mimosasa come with cava mixed with grapefruit juice or OJ, and the Greens is a gin mixed with kale juice and syrup for a kick of veggies with your liquor.

East Thirty Six

Weekly Sunday brunch at this King East restaurant runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and offers mimosas and Caesars for $5 a glass. If you're in need of some caffeine with a little hush hush alcohol, grab a cup with Bailey's for $6. 


A 24-hour favourite, this Dundas West diner has daily drink specials to go with your all day breakfasts. Pints are $4, mimosas are only $3 and Caesars will set you back $4, making it the perfect spot for both the night before and the morning after. 

Cafe Cancan

With a beautiful interior that will make you feel like a refined French bruncher, this bistro in Harbord Village celebrates brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. with a Bubbly Brunch ($36) that includes a glass of mimosa with a full meal; the Le Grande ($149) option comes with champagne. 

Emma’s Country Kitchen

Wash down a big plate of buttermilk biscuits and gravy with this St. Clair West spot's signature $10 Caesars and mimosas with prosecco. They've also got a morning version of the moscow mule that will definitely get your day started right. 

The Federal

This Dundas West favourite does brunch daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. but only serves its cocktails starting at 11 a.m when local laws allow. They have a big selection, plus cider options and craft beer on tap. 

Hole in the Wall

A favourite in the Junction for date night and basically every other time of the day, weekend brunch is best celebrated here with their big selection of local craft beers that go perfectly with their full English breakfasts of eggs, pork belly and fried beans. 

Tennessee Tavern

This Parkdale joint has a great outdoor patio and a special brunch beverage menu on weekends that includes a bucket of OJ mimosa ($44.95). If you don't feel like escalating your brunch to unnecessary inebriation levels, opt for a single mimosa for $9.85.

White Lily Diner

Make yourself a mimosa at this airy Riverside diner with a little bottle of Henkell Trocken which you can mix with a tiny glass of orange juice for $15. Their Breakfast Beer – a mix of Beau's IPA and fresh grapefruit juice – makes an obviously suitable accompaniment to their all day breakfast.

Northern Maverick

This spacious brewery and restaurant on King West has handcrafted lager tulip and mimosa weekend specials for $5, or if you want to go fancy, they also have bottles of Cave Spring and Veuve Cliquot champagne from $70 to $160 a pop. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

The top $5 lunch in Toronto by university campus

The top $5 lunch by university campuses in Toronto are quick and budget friendly. These meals are definitely not the healthiest type of sustenance for your brain as you struggle through homework and exams, but just a reminder student debt is as real as your hunger pangs. 

Here are my picks for the top $5 lunches in Toronto by campus.  

Pattie’s Express

This tiny Jamaican pastry shop on Elm Street serves beef, chicken and veggie pockets two at time plus a drink for $5. They also have patties stuffed in sweet coco buns for just $3.39. 

Banh Mi Boys

The Vietnamese sandwiches here may be a few cents over budget, but tacos with fillings like kalbi beef and squid are just $4, and tasty steamed baos with popular fillings like the 5 spice pork belly are only $3.75.

Pita Land

Just steps away from Pitman Hall, the food from here is unexpectedly decent and for just $4.99 you can get a falafel wrap that doesn't skimp out on veggies and sauce. 


A two second walk from the SLC, this cheap Vietnamese spot offers bahn mis for $3.99 which you can get with chicken, beef, pork, or tofu atop surprisingly soft bread. 

cheap lunch university toronto

Cora Pizza and neighbouring rival Papa Ceo offer U of T students cheap slices. Photo by blogTO. 

U of T (St. George Campus) 
El Furniture Warehouse

Everything on the food menu at this noisy spot is just $4.95, so you don't have to feel like the only broke kid since everyone is paying the same amount as you. Portions aren't huge but aren't itty bitty either; decent options include The Works burger with bacon. 


Not far from the Field's Institute, this Caribbean spot has small sides of veggie dishes like channa, plantain and pumpkin for $3. Greasy, filling doubles are $2 each, and side orders of rice and and soup run under $4. Couple some of those options together and you have yourself a meal.

Papa Ceo and Cora Pizza

Separated only by a Subway shop, these two pizza rivals have been duelling it out for the U of T student dime for years. Cora runs its slices for $3.99, while at Papa Ceo $4.50 gets you a king slice and a pop for $4.50

River Tai

There's tons of options that cost $5 and under at this family-run Chinese restaurant, but their daily special menu steals the limelight with 10 different meals for just $3.99 each. Portions here don't skimp out: grab a filling fried noodle with beef or curry chicken on rice. 

Innis Cafe

Stay healthy with cheap options from this juice bar. Veggie or lean burgers are just $4.25, and burritos and quesadillas are prepared quickly by friendly staff, costing just $5 and under. 

cheap lunch university toronto

Helena's Magic Kitchen is one of many cheap spots in the Grange food court. Photo by Casey Cunningham. 


You can get filling all-day breakfasts here that come with 2 eggs, toast, bacon or sausage, fries, and salad – all for just $5. They've also got veggie wraps, soups, and french toast, all for the same price. 


Nearly the entire menu at this Japanese eatery is under $5. They open at 11:30 a.m. every weekday, so if you have some time to spare, brave a potential line and try their small but tasty dishes of curry udon, soups, and onigiri. 

Tasty Chinese Food

As the name implies, food like noodles and egg foo young are all on the menu here, but a bit higher than your price range, so opt for cheap options from their Canadian menu like burgers and breakfast with coffee for just under $5. 

Souvlaki House

Greek food is almost always filling, but coupled with $5 and less prices are especially satisfying. Nearly everything here costs less than a Sir Wilfred Laurier, including lamb gyros burgers, meat ball subs, and veggie moussakas. 

Helena’s Magic Kitchen

Hearty meals are the staples at this unique Ukranian-meets-Korean food spot, where you can get quiches, stuffed chicken and large salads for just under $5. 

cheap lunch university toronto

Islands' lunch special of a patty and coco bread is affordable for York students. Photo by Islands Caribbean.

York University
The Islands Caribbean Restaurant

The food court in York Lanes is where you'll find a majority of York's cheap eats, and where you'll also find patties for $1.55 each. Islands lunch special is pretty good – a patty and coco bread with a can of pop for just $3.32. 

Falafel Hut Village

The nighttime lineups at this place say it all: cheap. All meat wraps cost just $4.15, with options like chicken shawarma and beef shish kabob in wrapped in pita bread. 

Berries & Blooms

Food here is as fresh as its name sounds. An all day breakfast platter is big and costs $5 for egg, tuna and salmon salad served with your choice of bread or bagels. Sandwiches for $5 come with deli meats, grilled veggies, portobello mushrooms and tomatoes. 

Masala Cafe

Right next to Fountainhead Park, this strip mall South Asian spot isn't great for dining in, but cheap dishes like plain basmati rice for $3.25 and string hoppers for just $3 are worth takeout.You can get a selection of dosa for $4 and under. 

Tin Tin Congee

Just a walk away from the York University Go station, small soups like hot and sour and egg drops are $3.25 and under, plus there are tons of one-sized congee options like lai wan style and pork liver congee for $4.75. 

cheap lunch university toronto

European Delight in St. Lawrence Market has cheap bites like latkes and perogies. Photo by blogTO. 

George Brown (St. James Campus)
Patrician Grill

Lots of choices at this classic diner actually run in the double digits, but toasted sandwiches are for the win, with a few options like cheese and tomato and fried egg sammies going for $4.95. 

Nari Sushi

This convenient little counter at King and Sherbourne is one of the most reliable sushi takeout spots in the city. It has a variety of maki for just $4.95, like California rolls and salmon maki which come in six to eight pieces.

Paddington’s Pump

Take advantage of campus' near proximity to the historic St. Lawrence Market and order satisfying sandwiches like their grilled cheese with bacon or ham or a classic hamburger for $4.95. 

European Delight

This lower level Ukranian deli in St. Lawrence market offers homestyle perogies offered by the dozen for $4.25, or massive cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and your choice of meat or veggies for $3.25 a piece.

Yianni’s Kitchen

Greek classics come in all types of sandwiches, with bifteki on pita ($4.25) and roast pork on a bun ($4.99) being all equally cheap and filling options. 

Mystic Muffin

Hearty meals are the specialty at this classic spot on Jarvis. Veggie sandwiches with ingredients like eggplant, lentils and hummus are $5 after tax, as are the meat sandwiches which come with toppings like tuna salad and cheese.  

cheap lunch university toronto

Tatsu's Bread has some healthy meal options by Humber's Lakeshore campus. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Humber (Lakeshore campus)
Snack Shack 

Incredibly affordable and stocked with fun bites, this eatery on Lakeshore West does single patty burgers of half brisket and half chuck for $4. Chicken or steak banh mis come on sesame buns for $4.50 each. 

Tatsu’s Bread

Head to this artisinal bakery for your fix of coffee and cheap sandwiches. Smoked salmon comes on delicious fresh bread for $3.50, and hearty soups like broccoli ($4.25) and tomato ($3.95) will be sure to give you the finals week sustenance you need. 

Ducky’s Roti

If you're stuck studying on a Saturday, this roti house on Lakeshore West has a breakfast option after 9 a.m. for $4.99 that comes with two pieces of sada roti or fried bake with two options of sides like saltfish, smoked herring, eggplant or pumpkin. 

Super Burger

Burgers at this Lakeshore West joint range from $3.89 to $4.49 and hot dogs combos that come with fries and a drink are just $4.78 . Toasted chicken cheese subs are $4.50, and if that's not enough, you can also get a beef gyro for $2.86 and souvlaki subs for $4.05 and less. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

The top 5 places to buy lumber in Toronto

The top places to buy lumber in Toronto are the spots to go for your woodworking needs. Find the hardwood you're looking for in all different sizes with the help of some knowledgeable professionals at these lumberyards. 

Here are my picks for the top places to buy lumber in Toronto. 

Central Fairbank Lumber

With two locations near Steeles and Dufferin and Gerrard and Main, this is a go-to spot for any project, from professionally commissioned to regular renovations. CFL offers a huge selection of mouldings, trim and doors that are manufactured on site at reasonable prices. 

Downtown Lumber & Building Supplies 

This lumberyard has been providing wood to the Roncey neighbourhood since 1989. If you know what you need, this spot on MorrowAvenue is perfect for fast drive-in service. Pay at the front and head into the yard to have your lumber loaded quickly into your car. 

The Lumber Guys

If you've got a building job, this spot by Finch right off of Highway 400 might be your best bet for buying in bulk. They specialize in spruce and cedar, plus plywood that's pressure treated and ideal for outdoor projects. 

New Canadians Lumber

Right by the Annex, this Home Hardware Building Centre is a convenient full service spot to order wood for your new deck while also picking up some faucets for your kitchen redo. Parking might be a tad tight but worth the convenience for simpler jobs. 

Danforth Lumber

There are few things to love about this lumberyard by Dawes Road: competitive prices, knowledgeable staff, plus a Garden Centre that's a lovely reprieve if you've been breathing in sawdust all day. They also carry some exotic woods beyond the regular pines and cedars. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

Toronto cocktail bar SpiritHouse is closing

What's open and closed Easter Sunday 2018 in Toronto

What is open and closed Easter Sunday 2018 in Toronto may have a few surprises in store when it comes to activities and attractions. There's a big Easter Parade that will close some roads. And much of the city will be closed for the day but there are some notable exceptions.

Here's what's open and closed on Easter Sunday in Toronto.

  • Municipal buildings
  • Banks
  • Libraries
  • Canada Post office
  • The TTC will operate regularly 

Saks Food Hall Toronto

Groceries will be available for purchase on Easter Sunday at Saks Food Hall at the Eaton Centre. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

  • It's worth calling ahead to restaurants before heading out.
  • Most major grocery chains will be closed on Easter Sunday with a few confirmed exceptions listed below.

Left Field Brewery Toronto

The Beer Store may be closed come Easter but luckily a number of indie bottle shops will remain open. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

  • LCBO
  • Beer Store
  • For a complete list of indie bottle shops in Toronto, see this directory. Holiday hours are provided where applicable but we advise calling ahead to confirm.

Eaton Centre Toronto

Eaton Centre will be on of the few malls open on Easter Sunday. Photo by Hector Vasquez.

  • Bayview Village Shops
  • CF Fairview Mall
  • CF Markville
  • CF Sherway Gardens
  • Dufferin Mall
  • Hillcrest Mall
  • Promenade
  • Scarborough Town Centre
  • Square One Shopping Centre
  • Vaughan Mills
  • Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Ripleys Aquarium Toronto

The Ripley's Aquarium will be open all day on Easter Sunday. Photo by Andrew Williamson.

  • Canada's Wonderland

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

The top 10 markets and pop-ups in Toronto this April

The top markets and pop-ups in Toronto this April are set to showcase a ride range of talent with everything from yoga to motorcycle enthusiasts celebrating the best their communities have to offer.

Events you might want to check out:

Bazaar of the Bizarre (April 1 @ 6 Noble St)
Everything different, interesting, weird, strange, one of a kind, macabre, and whimsical can be found at this show.
Toronto's Bridal Show (April 6-8 @ Enercare Centre)
Peak wedding season is creeping up and this show will feature fashion shows, giveaways, and all the gowns galore.
Green Living Show (April 6-8 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre)
Green living is in and this show will focus on simple solutions for leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
Spring Motorcycle Show (April 7-8 @ The International Centre)
The latest in all things motorcycle will be here including new, used, custom and vintage bikes.
All About Women Show (April 13-15 @ International Centre)
This three-day show focuses on the latest products and services tailored to women of all ages.
Yoga Conference and Show (April 12-15 @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre)
Wellness vendors, classes, workshops, and speakers are just some of the things happening at this yoga trade show.
Queen Books Pop-Up (April 14 @ Left Field Brewery)
Books and beer come together at Left Field when Queen Books pops by with a big selection of titles and genres to peruse.
Gladstone Earth Day Flea Market (April 22 @ Gladstone Hotel)
Shop from local, ethical, and environmentally sustainable makers during the Earth Day edition of the Gladstone Flea.
Trinity Bellwoods Flea (April 22 @ The Trinity Bellwoods Flea)
The April Showers edition of the Trinity Bellwoods Flea means getting stocked up all things spring from local vendors and artisans.
Fashion Night Market (April 27 @ The Artisan Factory)
Toronto Is My Boyfriend and Artisan Factory are collaborating to celebrate all things fashion with a night market featuring local vendors.

by Lisa Power via blogTO

10 things to do in Toronto today

Events in Toronto today shine a light on visiting international music talent like Gummy, the Strypes and Darius. 

Events you might want to check out:

Gummy (March 31 @ John Bassett Theatre)
Korean r&b pop singer Gummy is dropping by Toronto as part of her world wide tour.
A Del Toro Tribute (March 31 @ Isabel Bader Theatre)
All things Del Toro are being brought to life with a blend of circus, drag, variety and performance art.
IG and Youtuber Closet Sale (March 31 @ Much Digital Studios)
The closets of IG and YouTube influencers will be opened this weekend. Come early, bring bags, and be sure to say hi.
Yo La Tengo (March 31 @ The Phoenix Concert Theatre)
The 80s sensation responsible for the hit Friday I'm in Love has found a following that extends well beyond the decade that defined them.
The One I Adore (March 31 @ The Royal Cinema)
Jason Seelmann's 2017 film explores love and loss. The cast will be on hand for a Q&A.
Darius (March 31 @ The Great Hall)
DJ Darius is here with Kartell and Cezaire to perform as part of his Utopia album tour.
The Strypes (March 31 @ Mod Club Theatre)
Part of their Spitting Image tour, the Irish rockers are stopping into Toronto for the night.
Video Dance Party (March 31 @ Remix Lounge)
It's the 15th anniversary of Panic's 80's and 90's video dance party. Celebrate with lots of great retro music and prizes giveaway.
Mary Goes Round (March 31 @ Cineplex Cinemas Yonge - Dundas)
Molly McGlynn, the director of Mary Goes Round will be on hand for a Q&A at this film that premiered at TIFF.
The Perpetuation of Memory and Stellar Baby (March 31 - April 22 @ Loop Gallery)
Artists Linda Heffernan and Sandra Smirle debut their new works; Heffernan's with open source satellite imagery and Smirle's using mixed media.

by Lisa Power via blogTO

Friday, March 30, 2018

The top 25 fish and chips in Toronto by neighbourhood

The top fish and chips in Toronto are perfect plates of greasy golden fish and fries. If you’re a fan of this English staple, you’re in luck – you’ll be able to find a spot for those battered bannocks in most hoods. 

Here are my picks for the top fish and chips in Toronto by neighbourhood.

The Beaches

British Style, a stalwart English joint at the corner of Coxwell and Dundas, slings out seafare like haddock, cod, clams, shrimps and scallops out of the fryer seven days a week. 


Head to House of Parliament for a giant filet of your favourite fish atop a bed of fries and wash it down with a pint of your favourite brewski at this comfortable pub. 


If you're tired of plain batter, go to Off The Hook on Broadview where you can get your fish fried in a variety of spices like Cajun, jerk, lemon herb, Korean BBQ or even gluten free. 

East Danforth

Duckworth’s Fish & Chips has been around since 1930, frying up combos of battered halibut, haddock and blue cod with a side of creamy coleslaw and thick steak fries. 

fish and chips toronto

Filets at Pearl Diver are served on trays with fries and house-made tartar sauce. Photo by Jesse Milns.


An oldschool joint, New Toronto has an interior with classic vinyl booths that will make you feel like you're dining in 1973 – when they opened.  Grab a mono-coloured plate of juicy fried faves of halibut and scallops with a side of onion rings. 

Financial District

For something centrally located and less old-timey than other places, head to Bannock and grab a plate of fish and chips served with a loaf of their namesake bread, bannock, for the ultimate Canadian comfort meal.

Harbord Village

A cozy spot with some killer crispy seafare, Harbord Fish & Chips may be small but their meals are killer. Grab a plate of halibut and fries to go, or if you get lucky, snag one of two seats. 


Get very down-to-earth with Jumbo Burgers' fries and fish. Carry your fried haddock to your seat on a red tray and eat the accompanying coleslaw with plastic knives and forks; packets of tartar sauce included.

frescos toronto

Fresco's is a favourite spot for fish and chips in Kensington Market. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Kensington Market

Fresco’s Fish and Chips uses non-hydrogenated, trans-fat free oil to fry their top-quality fish to golden perfection. Try the Miss Vicky's chip batter for a thick and crispy meal. 

King East

It may be better known for its oysters, but Pearl Diver carries tons of classic pub foods, fish and chips included. Elegantly plated, these pricey plates of fish comes with house-made tartar sauce and a cabbage and root slaw. 

King West

When you see its classic mermaid logo, you'll know you've found The One That Got Away. Fish here comes in all types: grab it in a classic fish and chips combo, atop a salad, or fried on a whole grain bun sandwich. 


An absolute classic, Olde Yorke on Laird is just one of those spots that survives off of customer loyalty. Not the hippest by any means, this restaurant wins over its regulars with plates of thick cut fries and two simple fried fillets. 


Just as its name implies, Reliable Fish N’ Chip is a dependable spot where you can grab a big variety of fried seafood. Stray from the usual fish with fries and grab some fish tacos and poutine served on checkered greeseproof paper. 

fish and chips toronto

The Sea Witch on St. Clair West has fish and chips and sandwiches served with slaw. Photo by Marni Wolf. 

Little Italy

The Caledonian is a cozy Scottish spot that has tasty pub eats, best eaten with some whiskey. Have their fish accompanied with thin cut fries if you're not in the mood to try haggis.


Danny's Fish & Chips is a spot that uses light batter on it fish. Grab some malt vinegar from their tables and sprinkle it on before digging in.

North York

Feast on High Street Fish and Chips' Superb Fillet – its famous piece of giant haddock – in a surprisingly elegant space for a strip mall spot. Their fish is shipped from O'Neil fisheries in Nova Scotia, so you know it's good. 


If you've never paired your fish and chips with some tom kha soup, maybe it's time to try. Vicky's has two menus: one that serves delicious Thai and another that batters up tasty fish. 

high street toronto

It doesn't get much better than the fried fish at High Street. Photo by Hector Vasquez.


Located by Pharmacy, Hamish's Kitchen has tons of fried fish options. The eat-in dinner comes with buttered bread and coleslaw; for something bigger, grab the seafood platter that comes with mouthwatering shrimps and scallops too. 

St. Clair West

It's hard to miss the attractive exterior of Sea Witch Fish and Chips on St. Clair. Batter here is thick and golden, not too oily, and served with big portions of thick, fresh cut fries.  

St. Lawrence Market

Toronto's favourite historic market is all about takeout counters, and Buster’s Sea Cove might be the best one. Brave a lunch lineup for delicious fries and halibut, haddock, or calamari with deliciously done fries. 

Upper Beaches

You can grab your filets with gluten free batter at Foodoe’s Fish and Chips, paired with russet potato fries and their tasty selection of sauces like Foodoe's tartar, chipotle mayo or Mac sauce. 

fish and chips toronto

Plates at Golden Crisp Fish & Chips are in need of some garnishing but still deliver. Photo by Tanya Mok.

West Queen West

If you're headed to Trinity Bellwoods, drop by Hooky's first for their simple menu of usuals like cod and a pricey halibut fillet, plus fried goods like prawns and soft shell crab, served fresh on newspaper. 

Weston-Mount Dennis

Eating at Golden Crisp Fish & Chip feels like a serious throwback. If you enjoy eating a simple meal of filets with fries and/or kitschy Dutch decor, this Mount Dennis community staple is for you. 

Yonge and Dundas

Queen and Beaver has some of the top fish and chips in the city. If you're looking for an authentic English eat, grab a plate and pit out on their second-floor patio, or stay inside to enjoy the fun decor. 

Yonge and St. Clair

Eating in front of a counter of fresh fish at Mermaid will definitely give you the full seafaring experience. Try their herby batter of fried basa for a meal less bland than usual. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO