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Monday, July 31, 2017

Street Style: 20 looks from WayHome 2017

WayHome is now a wrap. And while attendance wasn't what it was in year's past, those who did make the trip to Burl's Creek outside of Barrie had a pretty good time. Along with music, of course, there's festival fashion and I couldn't resist rounding up some of my favourites.

Here's just a sampling of some of the looks from this year's WayHome.

Name: Chloe
Occupation: Student
My Style: Everything and anything

wayhome 2017

Name: Cian
Occupation: Musician
My Style: Nonexistent

wayhome 2017

Name: Alison
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
My Style: Comfortable and effortless but always quirky

wayhome 2017

Name: Tanner
Occupation:Account Executive/Playboy
My Style: Lazy

wayhome 2017

Name: Clay
Occupation: Model
My Style: Bohemian chic/ British rock

wayhome 2017

Name: Melanie
Occupation: Student
My Style: Vintage and classic David Bowie

wayhome 2017

Name: Ashley
Occupation: Photographer
My Style: Eclectic

wayhome 2017

Name: Jayden
Occupation: Wireless communication tech
My Style: Casual

wayhome 2017

Name: Tobi
Occupation: Student
My Style: Solange-esq

wayhome 2017

Name: Mitch
Occupation: Photographer
My Style: Pretty hip

wayhome 2017

Name: Carl
Occupation: Film producer
My Style: Laid back and functional

wayhome 2017

Name: Aston
Occupation: Curator/style director
My Style: Jimi Hendrix going to a Frank Ocean concert

wayhome 2017

Name: Shannon
Occupation: Photographer
My Style: Very casual

wayhome 2017

Name: Yaryna
Occupation: Account executive
My Style: Classic with a dash of whimsy

wayhome 2017

Name: Louise
Occupation: Sales
My Style: Comfortable and free

wayhome 2017

Name: Fortune
Occupation: Student
My Style: Comfort carefree

wayhome 2017

Name: Connor
Occupation: Student/athlete
My Style: Lil slut

wayhome 2017

Name: Justin
Occupation: Model
My Style: Miami coke dealer

wayhome 2017

Name: Stella
Occupation: Student/photographer
My Style: Trash walker

wayhome 2017

Name: Ed
Occupation: Holleraditic
My Style: Redneck Kevin Costner

by Jesse Milns via blogTO

WayHome attendance sags leaving doubts about next year

WayHome 2017 wrapped up yesterday and attendees are probably still exhausted from the three day music festival at Burl's Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte.

They're probably sharing that post-festival let down with fewer folks than usual because WayHome felt way smaller than it had in its freshman and sophomore editions. 

wayhome torontoAnd indeed, organizers took away the tented WayBold stage this year, which effectively shrunk the event grounds. Last year's ferris wheel also disappeared.

 Corporate partner Coors Light replaced it with a hot air balloon that remained deflated for much of the weekend, which could've been an apt metaphor for the festival. 

The shrinkage was obvious on day one when lineups for the various food trucks on site were pretty much non-existent, even at dinnertime. Some vendors seemed a little apprehensive about how the weekend would go, especially since it's usually a boon for them.

wayhome toronto 2017By the end of Sunday, some said business had picked up, but as an attendee, you never had to wait for more than a few minutes to grab food. 

wayhome toronto 2017Where folks did have to wait, however, was in the queue for the Frank Ocean Blonded merch booth, which appeared on day three. Like every other Toronto pop-up, fans didn't mind standing around in the sun to get freshly pressed customized shirts.

As for the musical lineup, many expressed their displeasure with it when it was announced back in February. And indeed, it didn't have the same cache of names as previous bills with headliners Neil Young, Arcade Fire, the Killers and Kendrick Lamar.

wayhome toronto 2017Despite that, there were some incredible performances, especially from local artists like Allan Rayman, Pup, Jahkoy, the Darcys and Jazz Cartier - who literally finished his set by flying off the top of the Mustache Burger food truck. 

Pup's frontman Stefan Babcock also showed off his acrobatic skills by climbing the stage at one point during the band's set on day two.

wayhome toronto 2017Some of the best moments of the festival came when you could just chill out in the grass and listen to daytime sets at the WayAway stage, which was surrounded by trees. Acts like the soulful Rag and Bone Man, Houndmouth, Polica and Tanya Tagaq played there.

wayhome toronto 2017It was easy to dance at the WayBright stage, which saw the likes of Charles Bradley and Mitski as well as the Shins, Solange and Tegan and Sara. These three acts headlined there on days one, two and three, respectively.

wayhome toronto 2017Late nights were mainly about electronic music thanks to Justice and Marshmello. All day on Saturday, people were spotted wearing white buckets on their heads as they waited for the masked DJ to perform.

wayhome torontoHighlights from the main, or WayHome, stage included Cage the Elephant, Vance Joy as well as headliners - Flume, Imagine Dragons and the most highly anticipated performance of the festival: Frank Ocean.

wayhome toronto 2017Despite being scaled back, the energetic crowds still seemed pleased with the weekend affair. However, WayHome organizers have yet to comment about whether the event will return for 2018 and have not confirmed how many people attended this year. 

Some estimates have pegged attendance around 15,000.

wayhome toronto 2017Yet, they auspiciously did not flash a save-the-date sign at the end of the festival, nor did they send out any emails or social media posts about next year - they did both in 2015 and 2016.

wayhome toronto 2017In looking at the demise of the Pemberton Music Festival in British Columbia, the Globe and Mail's Andrea Woo explored how the large-scale multi-day and multi-genre music festivals might not be sustainable anymore, especially in Canada with a weaker dollar.

wayhome 2017 torontoNow, we'll have to wait and see whether folks find their way home next year. 

by Amy Grief via blogTO

50 things to remember from WayHome 2017

The third annual WayHome Festival was noticeably smaller than its previous iterations. Despite a parred down event, attendees reveled in the sunshine and took advantage of the best weather we had this summer to dance and listen to music in the great outdoors.

by Amy Grief via blogTO

Huge fight breaks out at Cabana Pool Bar

Toronto has seen some pretty great parties down by the lake so far this summer, but one such event took a violent turn this weekend.

A bystander captured an altercation between a party-goer and a security guard at Cabana Pool Bar on Sunday. The smartphone video appears to show a security guard punching a guest multiple times.

It's not clear what is being said on the video, or what exactly started the brawl, but according to CP24, a man interrupted the fight by throwing a cup of water at the security guard to get his attention.

Cabana Pool Bar hosts parties with international DJ guests every weekend throughout the summer. INK Entertainment, the company behind the venue, hasn't commented yet. 

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO