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Saturday, July 29, 2017

The 10 worst people on the TTC

With the all-too-common short turns, delays, and random outages, using the TTC on a regular basis is tough enough. Throw in seat hogs, backpack-wearers, and other transit monsters screwing up your ride, and you have the formula for a very unhappy commute

Here are my picks for the worst kinds of people you can encounter on the TTC.

Cellphone talkers

Admittedly, some overheard conversations are pure gold, but 99% of the time it's enough to make those within earshot lose their minds. Despite being a common faux-pas, somehow the loud cellphone talkers find the guts to persist. Teenagers! Don't you know how to text?

Food eaters

That chicken biryani probably tastes great — it's the smell that's not so hot once it mingles with odours of a hot streetcar or packed train. Surely that tasty morsel can wait for the sake of the harried people of the TTC.

Toe clippers

Clipping your toe nails on public transit is, quite possibly, the very worst rider offence there is. Please. Do. Not. Ever. Do. This. 

Anyone with BO

Food smells are one thing, but a bad human smell is something altogether worse if you happen to be stuck right beside someone with BO on a packed train. Yes, the daily grind is rough, but if you had to skip the shower, just make sure to load up on the deodorant.

Backpack wearers

The TTC is a busy place. Space is at a premium. So please wriggle out of that backpack and give yourself (and your fellow riders) a break.

Seat hoggers

A transit seat is the ideal place to put one thing: your butt. No feet, no bags, no slumped torsos. Oh, and if you would be so kind, please shove over to that empty window seat. Okay? Thanks.

Doorway blockers

Come inside. We won't bite. Or just get the f*ck out of the way so we can get off the train.

Presto gate breakers

A lot has been made about busted Presto infrastructure, but here's one thing that can be blamed on unthinking riders. If you don't slow down a beat when exiting at a Presto gate, you'll almost certainly temporarily bust it. Just slow down for a second!

Angry drivers

Driving a streetcar through a congested city is, no doubt, a patience-sapping task, but there's nothing worse than the furious driver who leans on the horn and is snappy with passengers. Customer service is part of the job, too.


Tim Hortons cups and rolling half-full bottles of mystery liquid belong in the garbage, as does most of the stuff left behind on the TTC. A minor exception is granted for newspapers that are still in readable condition and have a blank crossword section.

by Staff via blogTO

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