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Friday, August 31, 2018

Police just arrested a man for carrying a rifle on the Queen streetcar

A man has just been arrested for carrying what looks like a semi-automatic rifle in a yellow grocery bag on the 501 Queen streetcar. 

ttc rifle torontoApproximately four police cruisers surrounded a stalled eastbound streetcar at Queen and Augusta less than an hour ago to apprehend a long-haired man wearing a trench coat and what bystanders describe as metal armour underneath. 

ttc rifle torontoSix officers escorted the man from the streetcar and placed him in handcuffs during what seemed to be a relatively resistance-free arrest. They then proceeded to inspect the rifle before placing it in a cop cruiser.  

It's yet to be confirmed whether or not the rifle was loaded, or if it was indeed a real firearm at all. 

Gun violence is an especially sensitive issue in the city now considering yesterday's scare at Yorkdale and ongoing conversations regarding a nationwide gun ban, so it's no surprise this incident has been met with some serious alarm.

But many Torontonians have been quick to note that FanExpo just kicked off yesterday at Metro Convention Centre, and people are hoping that this incident is all just a very convincing cosplay costume gone terribly wrong. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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