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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The top 30 ice cream and gelato in Toronto by neighbourhood

ice cream torontoSummer is the time to visit your local ice cream parlour, gelateria, and frozen yogurt purveyor. Satisfy your cravings for scoops, ice cream sandwiches, and chocolate dipped swirls with this handy guide to frozen treats in the city.

Here are my picks for the top ice cream and gelato shops in Toronto by neighbourhood.

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Greg's Ice Cream on Bloor has been a Toronto institution for three decades and counting. Signature flavours include sweet cream, toasted marshmallow and coffee toffee.

Traditionally made gelato in Asian-inspired flavours like chocolate-ginger, pandan, and Hong Kong milk tea are the specialty at Kekou Gelato House. Price range from $3.75 for a small cup to $5 for a large.

ice cream torontoTHE BEACHES
Ed's Real Scoop has expanded to three Toronto locations, but the original outpost in The Beaches is a local gem. The sweet shop sells ice cream, gelati and froyo in 100-plus flavours.

Part bakeshop, part ice cream parlour, Bakerbots churns out house-made ice cream in unique flavours ranging from bourbon bacon to beer.

Home Baking Co. is another source for ice cream sandwiches. Try house-baked cookies with ice cream flavours like roasted marshmallow, soy latte, and chocolate mint.

Grinning Face is all about non dairy gelato made from seasonal farm-fresh ingredients. Look forward to inventive flavours like apple cider caramel, wildflower honey and beets, and wild blueberry with Hawaiian basil.

La Paloma is an old school gelateria where the freezer case is filled with dozens of flavours.

ice cream torontoTHE DANFORTH
Maple Leaf Dairy will satisfy craving for classic like rocky road and chocolate peanut butter. The creamery is known for especially generous scoops.

Sweet Escape Patisserie makes its ice creams from scratch in a rotating assortment of flavours including birthday cake, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and a vegan soy latte. Two scoops sell for $3.81, while a pint for take home is $10.

Everything Scoop Shop offers is made in small batches from scratch and ice creams are no exception. Look forward to flavours not seen anywhere else including salted caramel brownie cheesecake and vegan cashew milk. They also sell ice cream sandwiches, affagatos, and sundaes in addition to cups and cones.

Lickadee Split is a mom-and-pop operation that brings in its ice cream from Maypole. Find a rainbow of flavours on offer including highlights like confetti-speckled birthday cake and s'mores.

Tom's Dairy Freeze is a retro roadside attraction where soft serve cones and malt milkshakes are the major draw.

Momofuku Milk Bar sells swirls of cereal milk and double double (coffee) soft serve in a cup decorated with cornflake crunch.

Delight Chocolate creates all natural ice creams in small batches. Look forward to seasonal flavours like Ontario rhubarb, plus the signature Junction Junk Yard studded with crushed up chocolates and confections from around the shop.

Dolce Gelato in Kensington Market offers a multitude of flavours outnumbering nearby competitors like Hibiscus Cafe and Sweet Olenka's by a long shot.

G For Gelato carries icy treats in 36 flavours at a time. Select from house flavours like salted chocolate peanut butter, coconut basil, and a boozy smoked whiskey vanilla caramel. By the cup or cone, a single scoop sells for $4, while two scoops go for $5.50.

Soma Chocolate stocks a dozen or so house-spun gelati and sorbetti in rotating flavours like lemon sour cream, blood orange and mascarpone. Of course, chocolate is the house specialty and dark or milk chocolate flavours should not be overlooked. A single scoop sells for $4.55, while a pint goes for $12. Shout out to Sweet Jesus soft serve available at Home of The Brave.

Hollywood Gelato carries 22 fun house-spun gelati at a time cycling through a repertoire of 200+ flavours. Highlights include cake batter, key lime pie and roasted marshmallow - available in a cup or cone, two scoops at a time for $4.

Ed's Real Scoop has ice cream and gelato cravings covered in Leslieville too. In addition to scoops, enjoy milkshakes, floats, and affogatos.

Bombay Chowpatty is a fast food counter on Gerrard where frozen treats like mango shakes and royal falooda are menu favourites.

Manic Coffee, Dolce and Creme all compete for the same gelato-loving sweet tooths in this neighbourhood but The Big Chill is the perfect nostalgic setting, and ample seating outside is a magnet for locals on hot days.

Join the queue at Bang Bang to mix and match fresh baked cookies with house made ice cream for the ultimate ice cream sandwich., like cinnamon toast, halva or burnt toffee.

Find 16 flavours of gelati on display at Boreal Gelato as they cycle through a roster of 65 recipes. Standout flavours include candied bacon, root beer and dairy-free lemon-olive oil and sweet clementine. Single servings start at $3.40 for a single scoop.

Ed's Real Scoop is your best bet on Roncy where the shop offers an ever changing selection of ice creams, sorbets, and gelato. Skip the cone and opt for a cup if you plan on walking down to Sunnyside Beach to enjoy.

Move over Dutch Dreams because there's a new kid on the block. Booyah stocks Kawartha dairy ice creams and pairs scoops with house-baked cookies and waffle cones.

Lingan Cream House is a Sri Lankan snack shop where ultra creamy house-made ice creams and sherbets come in flavours like mango, pineapple and vanilla. Try a mango milkshake for $3.50 or a cream sherbert sundae for $2.50.

Sweet Olenka's is home to ice cream in inventive flavours including brandied fig with goat cheese, and, maple bacon. Not to be missed are the decadent ice cream bars, featuring combinations like sour cream-lemon, banana brownie, and salted caramel coconut.

Check in at Hotel Gelato to satisfy cravings for frosty treats. Traditionalist are well looked after with choices like chocolate, vanilla and lemon, while adventurous eaters can opt for flavoured like spicy Mayan chocolate, sponge toffee, and avocado.

Technically a froyo shop, The Red Bench sells soft serve swirls in six rotating flavours including cake batter, green tea, and taro. Top it with fresh fruit and candy toppings or have it sandwiched between chewy, fresh baked cookies.

Summer's Ice Cream is so good it's now distributed by the pint in select grocery store freezer aisle. The original location in Yorkville is home to two dozen flavours including almond butter toffee and espresso fudge mud pie. Also find frozen yogurts, sorbets and soft-serve.

What did I miss? Disagree with my selections in the comments.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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