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Thursday, October 1, 2020

10 bars and restaurants in Toronto with recent COVID-19 infections

A flurry of bars and restaurants in Toronto have reported some sort of recent exposure to COVID-19, unfortunately. Transparency has been key in letting everyone who has been at these places recently about potential exposure. We're all trying to limit spread as best we can, but there's no two ways about it: this sucks.

Here are bars and restaurants in Toronto with recent COVID-19 infections.


Both locations of this restaurant are currently closed due to a COVID-19 infection, and are being professionally sanitized. Bar Reyna will be closed from September 30 to October 8 for renovations, and to give all staff time to self-isolate and get tested.

We have been incredibly humbled by the support we have received since our opening, with neighbours, friends and family coming by for coffee, wine and a bite throughout the day. Since day one we have taken every step possible to ensure Manita is a safe place to dine and to work, but we have been reminded how difficult the journey ahead is for all of us, especially restaurants. Sadly, one of our staff has tested positive for COVID-19. Their last shift was on Friday September 25. While not mandatory, we have closed Manita out of precaution until further notice in order to ensure guest and staff safety. During this time we will be taking the following steps: -The full team at Manita is in self-isolation and will be getting tested for COVID-19. A negative result with no symptoms will be required before returning to work. -Manita will be professionally sanitized to eradicate the possibility of any surface contamination. -Contact tracing details of our guest will be shared with Toronto Public Health. We highly recommend you download the COVID Alert app. -All reservations will be canceled, please stay tuned for updates. We remain confident that this is an isolated case, as no other staff or guests have reported symptoms and sanitation, social distancing and mask wearing procedures have been followed since our opening. We will only reopen when we feel it is safe for all involved to do so. Sincerely, Manita

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A staff member at this new cafe and bar on Ossington tested positive for COVID-19, and their last shift was September 25. The restaurant will be closed and all reservations canceled until further notice, all staff are isolating and will need a negative test result to return to work, and the space is being sanitized.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (09/29/2020) TEMPORARY VOLUNTARY CLOSING OF SOTTO SOTTO TORONTO DUE TO POSSIBLE CONTACT WITH COVID-19 Very recently we, Sotto Sotto, were exposed to COVID-19 and we immediately initiated our planned safety procedures. We have been advised by Toronto Public Health that we may stay open, but we have chosen to temporarily close our Toronto location to take every possible precaution to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Some steps we are taking to ensure your safety are: • Deep Forensic Cleaning - Sotto Sotto will be professionally sanitized to eliminate the possibility of any surface contamination - inside and out, for your peace of mind. • The full team at Sotto Sotto Toronto is in self-isolation and will get tested for COVID-19 • All contact tracing details to be shared with Toronto Public Health and those who they deem to be at risk will be contacted • All reservations for the next days will be rescheduled or cancelled — Your comfort and safety are paramount to the Sotto experience; we appreciate and love you, and will open again shortly. Stay safe, yours sincerely, Marisa Rocca and the Sotto team. Sotto Sotto ♥ Toronto since 1993 NOTE: Our Sotto Sotto Oakville location is unaffected and will continue to serve the community with Dine-In, Patio, Take-Away, and Delivery services. A presto!

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Sotto Sotto

This high-end Italian restaurant in Yorkville was exposed to COVID-19, and chose to voluntarily close for a deep forensic cleaning. All staff are getting tested and reservations have been canceled.

Well this is a post that we had hoped we would never have to write. We have been informed by Toronto Public Health that on Saturday September 19, a patron who was seated on our patio, later tested positive for Covid. We have been working closely with TPH since then and they have assured us it is considered a low risk contact, and that we have gone above and beyond what is required according to the new safety regulations. We have voluntarily contacted everyone who was at the bar that day from our sign-in log, and we want to be respectful and transparent to our customers and let everyone know publicly. Your safety and the safety of our staff have always been important to us. One of the only benefits of the new early closing hours is that we’ve been able to do a deep clean after hours without needing to close the bar. We had already installed a plexiglass barrier along our bar and we are working to install plexiglass dividers on the back patio next. We have carefully measured and planned out our seating indoors and out to comply with social distancing. We have ordered more hands-free sanitizer dispensers, and we are going to require people to use sanitizer before they even enter the premises. We have asked our customers to sign in when they arrive. The point of all of these measures is so that if someone who is asymptomatic but positive enters the bar, staff and patrons will be at low risk for contracting this virus. We’re just so thankful that no one else has tested positive as a result of this incident. Unfortunately we know this is likely the new reality going forward, that this may happen again, and that it’s probably happened in other bars and restaurants too. Please keep taking this seriously. We still have a long time to go until we can say that we’ve come out the other side. So, wash your hands. Use hand sanitizer. Don’t touch your face. Always wear a mask inside. Avoid gatherings. If you feel unwell, even a little, stay home. Take care of yourself and the people around you. We really don’t want to make a post like this again, so please everyone, stay safe ♥️

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Sweaty Betty's

A patron seated on the patio at this Ossington bar on September 19 tested positive, and they've let everyone that was at the bar that day know. This is considered a low-risk contact, but they'll be deep cleaning, installing plexiglass on the patio and more hands-free sanitizing stations, and will require everyone to sanitize before entry.

To our Gusto 101 Famiglia, For many, Gusto 101 is a home-away-from-home. A place where the $1/oz house wine flows and mafalde ai fungi and cavolo nero are plentiful. While we have taken every step possible to ensure your second home here at 101 Portland St is one where you feel safe to eat, even during the most uncertain of times, it’s on days like today where we are reminded that this world is a hard one for restaurants, the awesome hospitality workers who keep us going, and our wonderful guests that continue to support us when we need it most. Through the lens of safety and transparency (the only way forward), we are saddened to announce that one of our team members at Gusto 101 has tested positive for COVID-19. This team member, who’s last shift at Gusto 101 was Saturday, September 26th, went to get tested out as a precaution and is currently quarantined at home. While not mandatory, we have immediately closed our restaurant until further notice as our guest and team member safety will always be number one. During this time, we are taking the following action: ⠀ ⠀ ∙ Gusto 101 will be professionally sanitized to eradicate the possibility of any surface contamination⠀ ∙ The full team at Gusto 101 is in self-isolation and will be required to get tested for COVID-19. A clean bill of health will be required before returning to work.⠀ ∙ Contact tracing details have been shared with Public Health and those who they deem to be at-risk will be contacted. It is highly recommended that you download the COVID Alert app if you have not already done so. ∙ All reservations for the few days will be rescheduled or canceled, stay tuned for updates. ∙ Shared this update on + specific details on when this team member was working. ⠀ We are optimistic that this is an isolated case as no other team members are experiencing symptoms and rigorous sanitation, social distancing, and mask-wearing procedures were followed. We will only reopen when we feel it is safe to do so. continued in comments ­čĹç

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Gusto 101

Unfortunately not long after Chubby's across the street announced an infection, this Italian restaurant from the same restaurant group did the same. The restaurant is closed for a deep clean, staff are in isolations and reservations have been canceled for a few days.

We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing guests for their continued support since reopening Quetzal in August. We have been delighted to see so many familiar faces again and meet so many new guests over the course of the past 6 weeks. We appreciate all of you. . . We will be closing Quetzal and Don Pollo for the next few days due to a positive Covid-19 test result among our staff. Since reopening, we have prioritized the health and safety of our staff and guests, following the recommendations and guidelines of the federal, provincial, and municipal government (as well as enacting additional policies of our own). We are proud of our staff for balancing extraordinary service with the policing of these health and safety guidelines, and are certain that the adherence to these policies by restaurants diminish the likelihood of community outbreaks. We remain hopeful that these policies have been effective in our establishment. . . The entirety of our staff are undergoing tests/awaiting results as we speak and will not return to the restaurant until they have received a negative result. They will be isolating until results are received. We will be using these additional days of closure to thoroughly clean and sanitize the restaurant. We hope to welcome you back to a healthy and safe dining experience soon. Love, Quetzal

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This Little Italy restaurant and its sibling project Don Pollo are both closed for now because of a staff COVID-19 infection. Staff are all awaiting test results and the restaurant is being thoroughly cleaned.

DEAR REGULAR'S FAMILY In an effort to be transparent with our guests and community, please note that three of our staff members have tested positive for COVID - 19 with an exposure period from September 13th - September 22nd, these staff members went into quarantine at an early stage. We are happy to announce that these staff members are in good health and recovering. If you have not been contacted by Toronto Public Health you are not identified as having had close contact and are viewed as low risk, however if you visited our establishment during those days please monitor symptoms and take the necessary precautions. Toronto Public Health has commended Regulars on our cooperation throughout the investigation and have deemed there is no ongoing risk and cleared us for normal operations. HOW WE ARE KEEPING YOU SAFE - All employees must be wearing a mask upon entry and throughout the duration of their shift. - All employees are temperature checked upon entry before they start their shift. - All employees are required to wash their hands thoroughly and continuously throughout their shift - All staff is mandated to maintain a 6ft distance from colleagues and guests when possible. - All employees must sanitize their hands regularly throughout their shift at one of our many sanitizer stations. - Each guest table is given their own personal sanitizer - Washrooms are cleaned upon every visit by a dedicated employee. - All High contact surfaces are covered with ProtekPak (antiviral & antimicrobial surface protection) - All Surfaces are cleaned regularly to ensure a safe sanitary environment. Regulars Management Team,

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Three staff members at this King West bar tested positive for COVID-19, with an exposure period of September 13 to 22. Anyone at risk should have been contacted by Toronto Public Health.

Yonge Street Warehouse

Sadly, this multi-level restaurant near Yonge and Dundas became something of a hotbed for COVID-19 recently. A notification was released by Toronto Public Health for September 10 to 17.

Crews & Tangos

A customer that attended this drag bar in Church Wellesley Village on September 18 tested positive, as well as a performer with a shift that same night. Patrons who visited between September 18 and 20 were encouraged to get tested.

Woody's & Sailor

This gay bar also in the Church Wellesley area announced via Facebook that a staff member whose most recent shifts were September 20 and 22 had tested positive for COVID-19.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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