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Monday, August 26, 2013

The top 10 patios for a rainy day in Toronto

rainy day patios torontoThe top patios for a rainy day in Toronto have got you covered when the weather goes awry. Offering a silver lining in unfavourable conditions, these patios boast prime views, booze and grub that'll bring cheer to even the gloomiest of days. Not to mention, there's something magical, ephemeral and deliciously lazy about watching the rain come down from a protected spot with beverage in hand.

Here's our list of the top patios for a rainy day in Toronto.

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This vibrant, Mexican street party-inspired restaurant on King West boasts a rooftop patio that can be covered with retractable panels in foul weather. Even in the rain the fiesta goes on, and if anything, only adds to the atmosphere.

Gusto 101

The retractable glass roof at this Italian restaurant on Portland Street offers a chance to enjoy rainy days in a warm, dry cocoon. Regardless of the weather, this is prime spot to settle in for a family style feast or late night snack.

Food & Liquor

The partially covered patio at this newish Parkdale snack bar is best enjoyed at night under twinkling lanterns. Snag a spot on a rainy night and it's an intimate little backyard retreat where you can kick back with you know... food and liquor.

Big Crow

This backyard BBQ pit from chef Anthony Rose is all-weather ready and when it rains, the heavenly scents of wood, fire and meat collect inside the tented yard. Slide into the long communal picnic tables and brighten grey days with pitchers of summery cocktails and platters of grilled meat.

Drake SkyYard

This popular rooftop yard is primed for all seasons. Whether it rains or shines, consider this West Queen West institution a go-to for its bustling nightlife, custom cocktails and delicious food.


Retractable canopies make the patio at this Yorkville bar resistant to rainy spells. In the winter the outdoor space is heated making its rooftop terrace a top spot year round. Provisions like 24 tap beers and solid pub staples make it a perfect place to bunker down.

The Pilot Tavern

This storied tavern in Yorkville can be enclosed when the forecast turns foul. Wait out showers amidst rooftop vistas while droplets patter down on the canopy above.

Museum Tavern

The patio at this second floor brasserie on Bloor is shielded by a concrete overhang. On rainy days it offers a perfect perch overlooking the Royal Ontario Museum to stay high and dry (literally, not figuratively).


Shielded from the elements by surrounding condo towers, the patio at this upscale Spanish tapas restaurant on King West is a flurry of activity, even in stormy weather.

Joey Don Mills

It's easy to forget the corporate underpinnings of this Don Mills destination when the rain starts to pour. Thanks to a rather fine looking wood and glass enclosure, the spacious patio is every bit an indoor/outdoor space. The best seats are the booths by the restaurant wall, as the patio is nicer to look at than the mall grounds.

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Lead photo of the Pilot

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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