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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Best Cafes in Toronto (East Side)

Cafes TorontoThe best cafes in Toronto on the east side could be attributed with starting the city's third wave of coffee shop culture thanks to the likes of Mercury, Dark Horse and Merchants of Green. These early movers and shakers didn't just caffeinate the neighbourhood, they changed the way we understood the whole coffee experience, providing information, education, and relaxation for customers.

Now with a bevy of great cafes east of Yonge St. it's hard to choose where to go, but hop on a bike, zoom along on the streetcar, or hit the pavement and let the myriad of options dazzle your taste buds. You won't be sorry, just a little jittery?

Here are the best cafes in Toronto east of Yonge St.

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by Erinn Beth Langille via blogTO

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