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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Best Cafes in Toronto (West Side)

best cafes torontoThe best cafes in Toronto on the west side offer some respite from stresses like skyrocketing rents and dismal job prospects. When such concerns threaten to get us down, it's life's little pleasures we seek out, perhaps none more so than what we find in the independent coffee shops. Popping up like mushrooms in and across the city but with particular concentration on the west side, these beacons of hope are usually commandeered by young upstarts as riddled with enthusiasm as they are with caffeine.

And don't underestimate their contribution. Sure, these cafes offer coffee jolts and noshing fare with ever-increasing expertise, but they also provide jobs to the sea of overeducated and underemployed, respite for at-home moms and dads, and a warm refuge for the weary, the working, and those looking to connect.

Here are the best cafes in Toronto west of Yonge Street.

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by Erinn Beth Langille via blogTO

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