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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toronto DJs could be the superheroes of tomorrow

dj superheroSuperheroes are a lot like DJs. We're not sure where they come from or what purpose they serve, but they seem pretty confident in their abilities and function in society, and once in a while they save the day. Slash night. (Last night.)

A Toronto graphic novel project is onto this correlation. Set here after a "Great War," The Future Prophecy features two sisters who are (surprise!) DJs and have (actual surprise!) magical powers. The comic "transforms Toronto into a dystopian urban battleground" - and comes with free original music. If you're not sold on the local tie-in and electro twist, take a look at the artwork here.

The project is now on Kickstarter with a goal of a hefty $25,000. This will pay for press and the release of the next four issues (plus Japanese translations), the recording of tracks for each, and music videos. Rewards include some awkward DJ pics (who doesn't need more awkward DJ pics in their home), t-shirts, and a Pioneer DJ controller.

Learn more about Future Prophecy and back the indie comic on their Kickstarter page here.

by Aubrey Jax via blogTO

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