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Sunday, August 30, 2015

45 must-see movies at TIFF 2015 by day of the festival

tiff 2015When it comes to TIFF, it isn't just about what movies to see, but when. Scheduling is everything - whether you're going for one day or all of them. To help with your planning, and make sure you see the best movies you can, I've highlighted a few essential movies for each day of the festival.

Here are my picks for the 45 movies to see at TIFF 2015 by day of the festival.

September 10th
Classic cinema buffs will want to check out the first screening of Hitchcock/Traffaut (6:30 PM, Scotiabank 14), while those with an interest in contemporary movies should plan to see the first screening of Cannes Grand Prix winner Son of Saul (6:00 PM, Ryerson Theatre).

If you want to get TIFF started with a bang, there's also the opening night gala for Demolition (8:00 PM, Roy Thomson Hall), or the world premiere of Michael Moore's anticipated new documentary, Where to Invade Next (9:30 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre).

September 11th
A day of first screenings. Documentary lovers should check out In Jackson Heights (2:15PM, Jackman Hall), while those with adventurous tastes in cinema should see The Lobster (3:00 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre).

Dheepan (9:00 PM, VISA Screening Room at the Elgin Theatre) is a must, as it won Palme d'Or at Cannes. Or, if you're partial to star-studded casts, there's the premium screening of the world premiere of The Martian (9:30, Roy Thomson Hall).

September 12th
Start your first TIFF weekend with some Emily Blunt and the second and final screening of Sicario (11:00 AM, VISA Screening Room in the Elgin Theatre). Maggie Smith fans would do well to check out the world premiere of The Lady in the Van (2:00 PM, TIFF Bell Lightbox 1).

If you're eager to watch another remarkable woman, there's the international premiere of documentary He Named Me Malala (2:15 PM, Ryerson Theatre), about the recent Nobel prize winner. And for your daily dose of glamour, there's the premium screening of Legend (9:30 PM, Roy Thomson Hall) with Tom Hardy.

September 13th
For those looking to catch some potentially Oscar-worthy performances, there's Michael Caine in the already beloved Youth (10:30 AM, Winter Garden Theatre) or Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl (12:00 PM, Roy Thomson Hall).

Today is the best day to see Tom Hiddleston in High-Rise (9:30 PM, VISA Screening Room), because the screening will feature an extended Q&A after the movie.

It's also a good day to see the premium screening of Freeheld (9:30, Roy Thomson Hall), so you can be the first to talk about how maybe this movie will earn Julianne Moore a second Oscar. Don't overlook Foreign Oscar contender The Assassin either.

September 14th
A good day to see some of the buzzed about book adaptations at the festival this year: you can either catch the 1950s-set Brooklyn (11:00 AM, Winter Garden Theatre), or the last screening of The Beasts of No Nation (12:00 PM, Roy Thomson Hall) with Idris Elba.

If you haven't already, be sure to also start meeting your Canadian cinema quota with the last showing of gangster film, Beeba Boys (2:30 PM, Scotiabank). Finally, for those wanting to get in early on the Oscar buzz action, there's the premium screening of the star-studded Spotlight (6:00 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre).

September 15th
Johnny Depp has become such a mediocre actor, it's hard not to want to see Black Mass (2:45 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre) just to see if there's hope for him still. Book lovers should also see the adaptation of Emma Donoghue's harrowing novel, Room (6:00 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre), which gets its premium screening.

If you like your cinema in extremes, there's the first showing of the much-discussed sexually explicit drama Love 3D (8:45 PM, Ryerson Theatre), or the highly anticipated horror film The Devil's Candy (6:45 PM, Scotiabank 9).

September 16th
You should not miss the first screening of Anomalisa (11:00 AM, VISA Screening Room), the stop motion animated fable from Charlie Kaufman (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

You can actually make today a "Inventive Cinema" day by adding the first screenings of Victoria (5:30 PM, Ryerson Theatre) a bank heist movie done entirely in one shot, or the Sliding Doors-like romance, Right Now, Wrong Then (8:30 PM, Scotiabank 1).

Premium ticket buyers will want to see Donald and Kiefer Sutherland share the screen (and red carpet) with the world premiere of Forsaken (9:30 PM, Roy Thomson Hall).

September 17th
The last screening of My Internship in Canada (12:00 PM, Ryerson Theatre), a satire of Canadian politics, is an excellent choice at this stage in the festival when too many heavy dramas can make one feel a bit depressed. Or, if you don't need a boost, there's the second-to-last screening of Je Suis Charlie (9:15 PM, Scotiabank 9), which is bound to be talked about.

Must-watch Taxi (5:00 PM, Winter Garden Theatre) also gets its first screening today, as does period biopic The Man Who Knew Infinity (6:30 PM, Roy Thomson Hall) with its premium world premiere screening.

September 18th
If you're a genre fan, this is your day. Enjoy some martial arts with SPL 2 - A Time For Consequence
(3:30 PM, Bloor Hot Docs Cinema), dive into some horror with the first screening of The Witch (6:15 PM, Ryerson Theatre) then wrap-up with a Midnight Madness screening of Yakuza Apocalypse (11:59 PM, Ryerson Theatre).

Don't like genre? Then the North American premiere of Julie Delpy's French comedy Lolo (6:30 PM, Roy Thomson Hall) is a must.

September 19th
If you're looking for a true cinematic challenge, you can marathon all three volumes - that's almost seven hours - of Miguel Gomes' Arabian Nights (11:45, Jackman Hall). If your derriere can't handle that, be sure to watch the last screenings of the Lance Armstrong biopic The Program (4:30 PM, Winter Garden Theatre) or the exploration of the Louvre in Francophonia (9:15 PM, Scotiabank 2).

Those with premium tickets can also get the chance to see the closing night film, Mr. Right (6:30 PM, Princess of Wales Theatre), starring the always charming Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell.

September 20th
The final day of the festival is a good time to sneak in the great, smaller movies you didn't get a chance to see earlier. For the somber, be sure to see Sunset Song (12:15 PM, Isabel Bader Theatre). For something more light-hearted, see Maggie's Plan (3:00 PM, Ryerson Theatre).

For something more... odd... check out Men & Chicken (3:30 PM, Scotiabank 1). And for those looking for a fun horror movie to close off the fest, there's The Final Girls (5:00 PM, Scotiabank 4).

What TIFF movies do you think are must-sees by day of the festival? Let us know in the comments.

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Film still of Spotlight.

by Alexander Huls via blogTO

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