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Friday, August 28, 2015

The top 5 waterfalls to visit within an hour of Toronto

waterfalls toronto areaWaterfalls are non-existent in Toronto, save for a few artificial ones. So if you want to get an eyeful of some of Mother Nature's best work, you're in for a bit of a trek. That said, there's an awesome collection of these natural wonders within an hour's drive of the city. Hamilton is, of course, sprinkled with waterfalls, but there are majestic sights to behold all around the Niagara Escarpment.

These are my picks for the top waterfalls to check out within an hour of Toronto.

Tews Falls
If you want to see some impressive waterfalls, head to Spencer's Gorge Conservation Area. The gorge boasts a scenic Adventure Trail, making your trip to the falls much more picturesque. Here you'll find Tews Falls, which towers over the area at an stunning 41 metres - only a ten metres shorter than Niagara Falls. Webster's Falls is also near by, and is one of the most visited waterfalls near Hamilton.

Elora Gorge
The Elora Gorge may not sport the tallest waterfall, but that doesn't make the journey to the Grand River valley less worthwhile. The falls have a 15 metre crest and conclude with a 7.5 metre drop into the Grand River. Aside from the falls, you can go tubing and kayaking in the rapids nearby, making it the ideal destination for those who want more than just a good view.

Balls Falls
Head to the Balls Falls Conservation area to see a picturesque plunge waterfall. Descending 27 metres off the edge of Twenty Mile Creek and then a further 7.5 metres off a second ledge into the gorge, this waterfall offers a double show. There are view points at both the upper and lower parts of the falls. If you wan't the easier route, opt for the lower section.

Tiffany's Falls
Tiffany Falls is another terraced waterfall. Standing at 19 metres and cascading over several rocky ledges, the falls have earned the nickname Washboard Falls. With an observation platform at the base of the falls, you'll be able to get a good view of this majestic piece of nature.

Sherman Falls
Head to Ancaster to take in all that Sherman Falls has to offer. If you want the perfect view, there's a bridge that crosses over Ancaster Creek that will aid you in taking the perfect picture of the falls. Like Tiffany Falls, they are terraced, so you're bound to get a more interesting shot than at your average plunge waterfall.

What did I miss? Add your favourite waterfall to visit to the comments section.

Photo by Worrawat Engchuan

by Alice Prendergast via blogTO

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