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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

10 ridiculously spicy meals in Toronto

spicy food torontoThe spiciest meals in Toronto will take you on a culinary adventure from hot wings and burgers to Szechuan hot pots and piping hot curries. These maximum strength meals span the Scoville scale and will test even the bravest of heat seekers.

Here are my picks for some of the spiciest meals in Toronto.

Very Spicy Soup
This ominous-sounding soup at Emperor Hot Pot is swimming with fiery Szechuan peppercorns. At this spice level, the name is still an understatement and will likely be one of the spiciest broths you've ever had.

Armageddon Wings
These apocalyptic-sounding wings are Duff's spiciest and they come coated in a vinegary habanero and scotch bonnet-based sauce. At the College Street location, you've got to eat 47 (plus one) wings to to be immortalized on the Wall of Pain; the top score currently stands at 52.

Phall Curry
The Bristol in West Queen West describes this dish as an "insanely spicy, hallucination inducing curry". Order it with chicken, lamb or go meat-free to feel the burn of naga jolokia ghost peppers.

Kerala Chili Beef Fry Sandwich
At the Indian Street Food Co., an unbridled enthusiasm for heat is best demonstrated by this spicy sandwich loaded with morsels of chili laced beef. Alleviate your taste buds with sides of mango chutney and slaw, or punish yourself further with a couple fresh green chilis if you dare.

The Sri Lankan staple at Hopper Hut is available in meat, seafood or veg varieties. Look forward to the heat from curry and fiendishly hot pickled papaya achar wrapped and steamed in a colossal banana leaf along with mustard flavoured eggplant, rice and a hard boiled egg.

Blazing Fire Chicken
Fried chicken painted in a fiery red gochujang glaze at Home of Hot Taste might just bring a tear to your eye. At first taste, the intensity is tolerable but the heat builds the more you eat. I'd advise soothing your taste buds with fried rice or a swig of beer.

The Cracker Jack Burger
The Works serves up a peppercorn encrusted patty loaded with banana peppers, jack cheese and the house "hotter than hell" sauce - this burger is not recommended for those with timid taste buds.

20-chili curry
"Thai spicy" has a reputation for being next level and Salad King on Yonge Street is more than happy to oblige. Ramp up the green curry (already spiked with green chilis) or the phud thai with up to 20 sweat-inducing chilis.

Rendez-Vous doses its tongue-lashing Ethiopian beef stew with berbere, a blend of chili peppers, garlic, ginger, and spices. Mop it all up with Injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread that barely tempers the heat.

ROYAL pepper fish
There's a reason this dish is in all caps on the menu at Royal Chinese Seafood, a hidden Indian-style Hakka Chinese joint located off McNicoll Avenue. It's among a handful of scorching selections marked by menacing double chili peppers.

What did I miss? Add you favourite spicy foods in the comments.

Lead photo by Hector Vasquez.

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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