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Monday, July 29, 2019

The Best Korean BBQ in Toronto

The best Korean BBQ restaurants in Toronto are the favourite spots in the city for tabletop-grilled-meats. There aren’t any AYCE contenders on here (it’s about quality, not quantity), but with juicy pork belly, kalbi, soon tofu soup, and unlimited banchan, there are still few things more indulgent than KBBQ.

Here are the best Korean BBQ restaurants in Toronto.

8 - Mapo Korean BBQ

A Koreatown favourite for all Korean eats, not just BBQ, this restaurant boasts nice vibes while you dig into plates of sizzling, marinated meats. As usual, banchan and stews come with, and you even get a complimentary bottle of yakult at the end of your meal.
11 - Sariwon

This spacious Thornhill establishment (and part-time banquet hall) is a go-to for huge portions of kalbi. If you don’t enjoy reeking of grilled meats after a BBQ sesh, this place probably has one of the best ventilation systems on the list.
10 - Huh Ga Ne

Filled with (mostly Korean) locals, this 24-hour restaurant by Yonge & Finch does tabletop cooking for two right, with tons of options that include thinly-sliced sirloin beef, beef short ribs and of course, pork belly.
7 - Pujukan

This lively BBQ spot by Yonge and Sheppard is the newest on the list, but it’s been making an impression with juicy, a la carte portions of meat. They’ve also got beef and pork samplers that let you try multiple cuts in one go.
4 - Piggy's Restaurant

You don’t have to get BBQ at this staple in Thornhill, but if you do, it’ll only be the finest cuts of meat. Dishes run a costly $40-$70, but the portions make sense, especially with big groups of people.
5 - Busan Galmaegi

Experiment with three different types of grills at this BBQ spot, from the same people behind Daldongnae. Head to Yonge and Steeles to try boneless short ribs on the iron grill, or cook up some beef intestines on the stone grill, hot-plate style.
3 - Daldongnae

With a cozy, woodsy vibe, you’ll be transported to the night markets of 1950s Korea at these popular, non-AYCE BBQs in Koreatown North (both locations are just walking distance apart). Grill up juicy pork belly cuts on a grill that cooks up egg, corn, and garlic at the same time.
9 - Lee Nam Jang

For BBQ in sleek and modern digs, head to this longtime restaurant by Yonge and Sheppard. Their sweet and savoury beef ribs (marinated for two days) are massive, and not to be missed.
6 - Kobi Korean BBQ

Spicy chicken dakgalbi surrounded by a ring of melting cheese, pineapple and corn features here. If that sounds good to you, you’ll love this popular restaurant with a location by Bloor-Yonge subway station and another in Koreatown North.

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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