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Friday, July 26, 2019

This is what a $15 million house looks like in Toronto vs other cities

House prices in Toronto seem to be on a never-ending increase. Just last week it was reported that the average price for a home in the GTA is now $832,703. 

If you're one of those select few wealthy enough, and you're looking for something more within the ⁠— let's say⁠ — $15 million range, you might be wondering what you can afford in Toronto and around the world.

Here's what a $15 million home in Toronto looks like vs. other cities.

Toronto - $15,688,000 CAD

This 10,000 sq.ft. home sits on the most prestigious street in Forest Hill. It has six bedrooms, heated floors, a library, a resort-style pool, a movie theatre, a games room and so much more.

And if you're someone who really values privacy, look no further because the master bedroom has dual-dressing rooms. Property taxes will set you back about $57,199.74 a year, but who cares when your house has 10 bathrooms?

15 million house beverly hills

Beverly Hills, California - $15,101,933.12 CAD

This Beverly Hills beauty was built in 1926 by famous architect Roy Seldon Price before receiving a 21st century upgrade from famous husband and wife duo M. Brian Tichenor and Raun Thorp.

The six bed and seven bath property is surrounded by lush gardens and tiled fountains. It includes a meditation room, wine cellar, tasting room and staff quarters. You'll have no trouble keeping up with the Joneses in this California dream house. 

15 million house seattle

Seattle, Washington - $14,711,704 CAD

This gorgeous home provides the perfect combination of luxury and nature. It's 6,230 sq. ft. and has a view of Mount Rainier, a large active stratovolcano located 94 kilometres south-southeast of Seattle. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms and a 1.57 acre lot.

15 million house siena

Siena, Italy - $14,723,250 CAD

This one's for the wine lovers. This 30,461 Sq ft. home sits in the midst of 84 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, sunflower fields, woods and arable land. It has six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and has the capacity to produce 350,000 liters of wine per year. 

15 million house singapore

Singapore - $16,188,100 CAD

This bungalow is fairly modest considering its hefty price tag, but it makes sense when you add in the fact that Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world. This home opens up to a gorgeous pool out back. It's 8,000 sq. ft. with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, and who wouldn't want to live on a street called Treasure Island?15 million house toronto

St. James, Barbados - $15,773,700 CAD

This home is for those of you who dream of living at an island resort. It's 10,200 sq. ft. and has a wet bar, cathedral ceilings, a hot tub and spa, as well beach access. Who needs a vacation when your house is nicer than most hotels?

15 million house cannes

Cannes, France - $15,459,413 CAD

This villa overlooks a gorgeous garden and the Mediterranean Sea. It has eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms and an infinity pool for the stars. Also, it's in the South of France which pretty much makes it worth any amount of money. 

15 million house tokyo

Tokyo, Japan - $15,584,202 CAD

This modern Tokyo home has seven bedrooms but only three bathrooms, which might be a dealbreaker for some. It has gorgeous, colourful marble surfaces and a spectacular view of the city. 

15 million house frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany - $14,134,321 CAD

This villa is basically everything you could ever need in one place. With an indoor pool, a golf course, a tennis court, horse stables, a riding area and more, you could never leave your house and always be entertained. The six bedroom and five bathroom home also has a guest apartment, for all your entertaining and hosting needs. 

15 million house naples

Naples, Florida - $15,766,835 CAD

This Florida home has lake views and an outdoor living area with a fireplace, pool and spa. The master bedroom alone has a sitting area, fireplace, fitness room and dual-private bathrooms. It has six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and the interior is 7,409 sq. ft., so you'll never run out of space. 

by Mira Miller via blogTO

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