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Monday, July 27, 2020

Toronto restaurant from beloved chef closes after only a few months

A Toronto chef that's been known for his restaurant empire across the city including restaurants like Fat Pasha and Schmaltz Appetizing has had to bid farewell to his latest project.

"Unfortunately Elvis didn't have time to sing," says Anthony Rose of recently opened restaurant Grand Elvis. The restaurant had given the old Rose & Sons and Big Crow spaces a makeover, with chic decor, fine wines and a high-end bistro menu of burgers and fried chicken.

I would like to start this post with a quote from one of our greatest supporters of all the restaurants. "One Benefit of Living in this Alternate Universe............It's Back!" @danielmoneta remarked on his Instagram story. We opened Big Crow last week and Daniel was one of the first to order from us.Of course Daniel was remarking that yes indeed we did Close Big Crow last Fall. As well as Rose and Sons. Closed. Both. In the restaurant's stead we opened a new Concept "The Grand Elvis" in December. Well, the writing was on the wall but we just did not know it yet. The Grand Elvis was spectacular. Very early on it was Voted one of the Best new restaurants in Toronto, Best Burger EVER (thank you jeremy of NYC's Brindle Room Fame) Best Fried Chicken to ever live in this Universe, Best new restaurant in Canada. We were proud, very very proud. Especially Jackie of Of course. So Here we are "Elvis Has Left the Building" "The King is Dead Long Live the King" and so on and so Forth. During my time in Quarantine with my Beautiful son Simon, we cooked a lot. And what was I cooking you ask? I was cooking what I love, what my Mother Cooked when I was a kid, what Bonnie cooked at all her wonderful Friday Night Dinners, Cottage food, Farm Food from Rob, Rustic Food, Familiar Food. Food from my Little Black Heart. All the foods of a lifetime of eating simple deliciousness and especially the foods that make me warm in my soul. COMFORT FOOD! THAT"S WHAT I WAS COOKING. I AM THE KING OF COMFORT FOOD! To be honest I never embraced that Moniker. Never liked it and always thought I and my food was more than that. But, I have come to embrace that now. Come to understand and love and want that to be mine. So here we are. Big Crow is Back. It is Exactly the same as it used to be. The menu is familiar and delicious and it is all mine. My good friend and Chef Jeremy Gries is Back on the Grill and the Smoker. Jer is the one that started it all so it just seems fit that he brings it back. You can go check out the menu if you want but you probably already know what you want. I know I do. I would start with Garlic Bread.............. @bigcrowbbq_roseandsons

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"Reopening Elvis when it only had two and a half months just didn't seem right," says Rose. He's now changing the restaurant back into Big Crow, a previous BBQ concept of his.

"Big Crow on the other hand was what I was yearning for. It just made me feel so good inside to bring it back. Fits like an old glove. We even have one of the original chefs, Jeremy Gries. So it's very much exactly what it was, what it should be."

Big Crow is back to serving salmon poke, all day breakfast, grilled Miami ribs and more for curbside pickup, but Rose himself suggest starting with the garlic bread.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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