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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Best Croissant in Toronto

croissant torontoThe best croissants in Toronto take into consideration the delicate balance of butter and air that makes the classic French pastry so famous. The yeast-leavened dough is layered with butter and rolled and folded many times, similar to puff pastry (the technique is called laminating), which results in tiny air pockets that contribute to its flakiness. The classic crescent shape gives us its name and makes it easily spotted on buffets, breakfast nooks and bread counters around the world.

Its origins go back as far as the 13th century in Austria and the development of Viennese bakeries, but the exact style we've come to know and love was conceived around 1839 by an Austrian artillery officer. I'm wondering what he'd think of the croissant's recent heathen child - the cronut. I think he'd just be glad there are so many shining examples of the original croissant still around, and find the cronut more of a celebration than a threat.

Here are the best croissants in Toronto.

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Top photo from Tom Flemming on FLickr from Petit Thuet

by Erinn Beth Langille via blogTO

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