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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The top 10 songs from Toronto bands March 2014

Toronto songsThe top songs from Toronto this month have me once again waiting desperately for the warm winds of spring to reach our city. I had high hopes for March bringing good weather, but this month has proven to be just as unforgiving as the last. Luckily, Toronto artists have been smart with their studio time, releasing a collection of singles and albums that are definitely worth looking into as Mother Nature prolongs her winter slumber.

Here's a digest of the past month in Toronto-based tracks.

Grandtheft ft. Thugli - Heavy Hitterz

If you are on the trap-train these days, you've probably heard of Grandtheft by now. The immensely popular DJ, who makes his home in our fine city, has been busy the past few months. This month's contribution doesn't really match up to his recent release of "Mobbin'," a grimy headbuster that would be well-suited in a British mobster flick. "Heavy Hitterz" will still find its way into every club this month though, guaranteed.

Wolfcow - Chromes Of Fantasy

Ready for some rough shred punk rock? This month Wolfcow delivered an unsteady, distorted ear-banger that doesn't just tremble along, but shakes with the ferocity of a seizure. Iggy Pop would be proud.

Paper Lions - Do You Wanna

Summer is on the way, but Paper Lions apparently just can't wait any longer. This month they put out a jangly, sunny track in the vein of straight up indie pop-rock. The EP is available for free download here, so you'll be all set to greet the warm weather by dropping a few ice cubes in your lemonade and setting up your folding chair by the pool.

Bry Webb - AM Blues

Constantines lead singer Bryan Webb not only announced the reunion of his famed indie band this month, but also the release of his solo album Free Will. He teased fans with a little sample: "AM Blues" is a beautiful folk/country track featuring some backing brushwork on the drums, fingerpicked guitars and of course, Bry's deep voice guiding it all along.

Odonis Odonis - Angus Mountain

The noise rock trio has been busy of late, posting track after track in lead up to the April 15 release of their new album, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled.

Weaves - Do You See Past

It seems summer vibes are elbowing their way into a lot of tracks these days. The new Weaves track is a pretty standard electro-pop bouncer, combining shades of dreamwave and heavy 80s influences in the synths and bassline. Jasmyn Burke croons and coos with a sincere warmth, reminding you that the warm sun actually does exist and might come back to Toronto someday. Their self-titled debut is due out on April 1. Or is it? Could be a prank...

BADBADNOTGOOD - Can't Leave the Night

The "jazz trio" has released another spooky bass-in-your-face beat, shaking subwoofers all over Toronto. "Can't Leave the Night" bops along in a dark, twerky type fashion. This is a must-listen for March. The band is currently making their way through a tour of Europe, but you would be well-advised to grab a ticket next time they return home.

The Folk - In Silence

The first thing I thought when I heard the opener of The Folk's new album, We All Say, was, "Sara Bortolon sounds a lot like Alanis Morissette. She doesn't always, but that's really the only observation I can make about this band. Here's some straight forward folk rock for those missing Canadian 90s music.

Owen Pallett - The Riverbed

The new track from the strings genius of Arcade Fire and Her fame rocks out pretty hard. Pallett is coming to Toronto May 10, playing the Danforth Music Hall.

Kevin Drew - Mexican Aftershow Party

The second single from Broken Social Scene co-founder Kevin Drew's sophomore album is a warm, organ-driven electronic track. Influences of my personal favourite, Tears For Fears, make their way into the verses of this song, and while the lyrics are disappointingly uncreative, it's definitely worth grooving to late at night.

What Toronto tracks did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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by Adam Golfetto via blogTO

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