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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The top concerts in Toronto April 2014

concerts April TorontoThe top concerts in Toronto in April 2014 take place during that last stretch before we hit music festival season full blast in the city, not to mention the period when we start to notice that people look pretty damn cute underneath those twenty trillion layers they've been wearing for the past six months.

In the interest of people we think are cute at shows I present March's best Toronto music missed connections: our winner is, I hope, twelve years old because it's from Demi Lovato. " there were so many cute boys! If you were there let me know cause you're probably super cute!" Even if I was twelve I'd know not to bother with this non-specific, lazy person, but the post succeeds based on its outrageous levels of twee.

Less twee (or twee in a different way): if you were stagediving at Andrew WK, someone wants to be your special friend. It was adorable to find this Foundry missed con (PS: the Foundry series isn't over yet). You looked nice at BassWeek, or maybe you made fun of thick framed glasses at Real Estate (this serves as a mini review of what a Real Estate show in Toronto is like).

The three Arcade Fire missed connections are, predictably, boring.

Here are the month's top concerts in Toronto.

Petra Glynt and US Girls at AGO's First Thursday / April 3 / 7pm / $12

Two of the best acts going in Toronto will play AGO First Thursday, where you can get a preview of the gallery's new Francis Bacon/Henry Moore exhibition too. Drumstick-wielder, sampler-programmer, unbelievable voice Petra Glynt has come a long way since I had to fight like a rabid dog to get this site to post about her music last year. US Girls may or may not play with live drums but I'm game to test those waters.

Cher / April 7 / ACC / $41.25--$174.75

Cher and Pat Benatar will grace Toronto next Monday. What is Cher up to now? Mostly being 67 and still rocking sparkly skirts like a flawless angel of pop glamour. She'll be lip-syncing, but who cares.

ZONES, Bile Sister, Nick Persons, Doom Tickler, Fleshtone Aura / April 12 / May Cafe / $7

This local gig will be literally in a separate universe from the chain. Doom Tickler watches two hundred hours of throat singing Youtube videos every month and growls over the pop production she makes in her swanky east end loft. Bile Sister is killing it lately with her new full band which hasn't managed to damage her wavy psych sound -- the opposite, in fact. I've exhausted the space I have to talk about this show, but check out all the artists online.

The National / Apr 9, 10, 11 / Massey Hall / sold out

Three dates to get intimate, and wow typing "intimate" below "The National" made me think of my parents. Therapy. If you don't have to save all your money for therapy (or maybe indie rock is your therapy because you cry? We are all united in our different-ness), Craigslist is the only place you'll find tickets for these dates.

FKA twigs / April 14 / Wrongbar / $20

UK artist FKA twigs bridges that gap between the electronic alt pop you love now and the trip hop you compulsively mix-taped in highschool so seamlessly that I'd like to ask her to tailor a couple of things for me while she's in town, but I'm way too shy and I'm sure she's busy. Does anyone know a magic tailor?

Emmylou Harris / April 15 / Massey Hall / $29.50--$89.50

Country/folk icon Emmylou Harris is re-releasing her Grammy-winning album Wrecking Ball this year (Miley, are you behind this?). Daniel Lanois, Steven Nistor, and Jim Wilson will be with her at Massey Hall.

Julianna Barwick / April 16 / Double Double Land / 9pm / $8 / all ages

Brooklyn psychfolk legend Julianna Barwick has toured with Sigur Ros, and you'll see why when you hear her voice cut your heart open like a birthday present from the person you were when you were fifteen, who forgives you and wants you to be happy. Vasillus, Christine Duncan, and Castle If are opening.

Ghost with King Dude / April 17 / The Phoenix / $20

Swedish black metal band Ghost are a "devil worshipping ministry" which is as we all know another way of saying "band," and they might be wearing Darth Vader outfits (I hate making promises that I can't keep). Seattle doom folk artist King Dude actually scares me way more, which is another way for saying impresses me way more -- just a few scattered artists are making lo-fi Americana this divinely unholy (see also: Farewell My Concubine).

Man Forever / April 17 / Double Double Land

Kid Millions of Oneida's his avant percussion psych ensemble are coming back to town. From last year's press: "the thunder of drums matters like hooves over slowly writhing bass lines." Speaking of thunder, Toronto super-duo where-is-their-Juno Not The Wind, Not The Flag are joining them on the bill for a "pummeling, visceral live experience." YOLO.

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks / Apr 19 / Lee's Palace $15

David Portner, aka Avey Tare, has refused to make classifiable music throughout his entire career. His most recent venture is no exception. Check out his new act that has been described as a "jazz power trio", among many other desperate attempts at a label. The guy is a great performer and their show on April 19 at Lee's Palace is bound to be a pretty weird experience. -Adam Golfetto

Mount Eerie / April 20 / Soy Bomb HQ / $10

Mount Eerie will be in Toronto to celebrate Wyrd Visions Half Eaten-Guitar release. When I see the words Mount Eerie I get Microphones songs stuck in my head and I don't mind it.

Band of Skulls / April 24 / Phoenix / $22

If you got lost in a desert and they made a movie about it UK indie blues trio Band of Skulls would be on the soundtrack. So remember that if you're in the desert, and follow your heart.

Aretha Franklin / April 25 / Roy Thomson Hall / $59.50--$199.50


The Knife / Apr 25 / Kool Haus / Sold out

It's The Knife. What else do I have to say? Like Daft Punk, their insane live shows are a bucket list item for the majority of music lovers. The most recent tour, supporting their latest album, appears to be some sort of dance/ballet performance, judging by live photos. Whatever the Swedish duo brings to Toronto, make sure you don't miss them. -Adam Golfetto

Vierance EP Release / April 26 / Double Double Land

Goth party of the month is the launch of Deth Records with this EP release by Toronto duo Vierance. If you can listen to Trust without complaining that it's retro or whatever, this is where you need to be.

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