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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dufferin deemed the worst road in Ontario yet again

Dufferin worst roadIs anyone surprised that Dufferin has been voted the worst road in the province yet again? The CAA of South Central Ontario released its 10 worst roads list earlier today, and, joy of joys, Toronto took home seven spots. Before we feign too much outrage, however, it's worth noting that as the province's biggest city, we're bound to occupy a prominent place on lists such as this one. While that doesn't make a drive along construction-riddled, pothole-strewn Dufferin a whole lot better, it's important to have perspective. I'd rather commute along Dufferin every day, for instance, than live anywhere in Ottawa.

Here's the rest of the list, for your records. It's not that easy to avoid all the Toronto streets included here, but should you find yourself driving along one of them, just remind yourself that this city is worth a few potholes. And what better way to welcome Rob Ford back from rehab than by giving him a personal call about the road conditions in your area?

  • Dufferin Street (Toronto)

  • Stanley Avenue (Niagara Falls)

  • Kipling Avenue (Toronto)

  • Finch Avenue West (Toronto)

  • Burlington Street East (Hamilton)

  • Bayview Avenue (Toronto)

  • Carling Avenue (Ottawa)

  • Markham Road (Toronto)

  • Lawrence Avenue East (Toronto)

  • Wilson Avenue (Toronto)

Photo by drum118

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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