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Friday, May 30, 2014

The top 10 songs from Toronto bands May 2014

songs toronto may 2014The top 10 songs from Toronto bands for May include a wide spectrum of sounds. This month's list ranges from electronic to '90s throwback rap to extremely weird video footage. Find yourself a nice, square-foot section of grass in Trinity-Bellwoods, bring your Bluetooth speakers - or whatever the kids use these days - and turn up the music.

Here are the top songs from Toronto bands this month.

Arkells - Come To Light

Local rockers Arkells come out big with the toe-tapping single to their third album, High Noon, due out August 5. The chorus would be far too country for my tastes if it weren't so upbeat and catchy. A fun sing along to dance to on a summer's eve.

The Beaches - Hey, I Love You

Pretty sure I'm watching 10 Things I Hate About You. Toronto got its dose of rock this month when The Beaches released Heights, their new EP, on May 20. They recently opened for ex-Distiller Brody Dalle on a UK tour and have some Canadian dates coming up, including Osheaga.

Tearjerker - Another Moon

Tearjerker took a page out of the Beach Fossils' book for this one. Heavy backing distortion and reverbed vocals guide the three minute surf-rock jam. Tearjerker released their EP Hiding on May 20.

9yrs - Darkhorse

Essentially, 9yrs is five people trying to start a revival of late-90s alternative in Toronto. "Darkhorse" is a radio-friendly rocker with a slight edge to it. With an expected full length release in the fall, 9yrs is determined to bring back the sound my generation grew up hearing on the radio.

Nue - Outrageous

This video required a seizure warning at the beginning, but it's pretty sweet and it fits the anxiety of the track. The song is from Nue's 2013 release, Dreamcatcher, but the video was released on May 15.

Nightiizm - Michelangelo

The genre listed on the mid-May release from local producer Nightizm is dark trap. I would say it's a pretty fitting label. Nightizm gets the hi-hats crunked on this one, fading in and out with a deep bass line and chopped operatic vocals.

PUP - Guilt Trip

Teen rock, pop, hardcore ... lots could be said about this track from PUP, but more could be said about the emotional and intense video that accompanies it. I won't really say much though, aside from the fact that it's worth watching. It's basically an entire movie in the span of four minutes.

Man Made Hill - Constant Touching

This is an extremely weird music video. Everyone should see this at least once.

Sarin - Crash

This song and video sort of make me think of a much more upbeat version of Wolfgang Voigt's "Kafkatrax 2.1." A fairly straightforward techno jam with a video that features oddly edited footage of cars, girls, rockets lifting off, and many a stare-down.

Rich Kidd and Tre Mission - hustleGRL Rap Session

Hey kids, it's rap time. Two Toronto boys go off on a special video for hustleGRL.

What were you listening to this month? Let us know in the comments!

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Photo of Arkells by Jen Ford.

by Adam Golfetto via blogTO

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