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Monday, June 23, 2014

The top 10 chicken and waffles in Toronto

chicken waffles torontoThe top chicken and waffles in Toronto are great for when you want it all. Savoury or sweet? Opt for both at once when you order up this soulful Southern staple. Then the real conundrum becomes 'syrup or gravy?' (Again, there's no real reason to choose.)

Here are my picks for the top plates of chicken and waffles in Toronto.

The Huntsman

This College St. tavern offers gluttonous plates of fried chicken and waffles ($14), slathered with maple syrup and crowned with a quenelle of whipped butter, as part of their brunch menu (offered until 4pm).

School Bakery and Cafe

Stacks of fluffy, golden waffles are a menu staple week-round at this Liberty Village brunch spot, but on weekends they whip up the classic combination with buttermilk fried chicken ($19). Instead of the usual maple accompaniment, the dish is served with Tabasco pepper honey and cool-and-crunchy cabbage slaw.

Triple A Bar

At Jarvis and Adelaide, this Southern smokehouse is known to swing both ways, serving the classic dish with both gravy and syrup. Priced at $14, it's not the most generous portion, but it still satisfies. The chicken itself is gently seasoned and crispy-skinned, while the fluffy waffles soak up all the maple syrup.


In the Junction, fried chicken goes by the nickname "Yardbird" ($16) and is available with a choice of Southern-style accompaniments for dinner. Don't be tempted by the grits or mash options - it's the sugar-dusted waffles that are most memorable, especially when topped with fruit compote and finished off with bourbon maple syrup.

Harlem Underground

Harlem specializes in comfort foods from the Southern states and no visit is complete without an order of crispy fried chicken with golden waffles. The restaurant's two locations (one on Queen West, the other on Richmond East) both serve the dish topped with scotch bonnet-coriander-lime syrup and white chicken gravy. At brunch, the dish will run you $14; a dinner portion is $16.95.

Home of the Brave

Straddling the realms of savoury and sweet, the crispy fried chicken and sourdough waffles ($16) at this King West BBQ joint are accompanied by a dollop of sour cream, a scattering of green onions and a pot of spicy maple to apply as desired.

The Drake Hotel

At brunch, the West Queen West institution serves up Southern-fried chicken thighs on top of herb waffles ($17). For contrast, the savoury dish is doused in maple syrup and dressed up with cherry jam and creme fraiche.

The Gaberdine

This popular weekday destination in the Financial District will send you back to the office in need of a nap. Fried chicken 'n' waffles ($26) come smothered with hot sausage gravy while crunchy iceberg lettuce and a drizzle of buttermilk dressing offer a contrasting cool component.


Go ahead and bet your table tennis opponent an order of these delicious chicken and waffles ($21) - the portion size feeds two, so it's a win/win situation all around. The buttermilk fried chicken and cornbread waffles are good, though it's the accompanying thyme honey and tart pickled watermelon that make the dish sing.

Farmer's Daughter Eatery

Feeling adventurous? Try the Frog Waffles ($12) at this spin-off to the Junction's Farmhouse Tavern. The creative spin on the Southern-fried staple still tastes just like chicken, but it's done with crispy seasoned frogs' legs over buckwheat waffles, drizzled with a sweet butter, red wine and maple syrup reduction.


Hogtown Vegan

The "unchicken and waffles" ($14) at this Bloorcourt restaurant will satisfy even a vegan's hankering for sweet and savoury soul foods. Made with deep fried soy cutlets and fluffy waffles, the dish is then smothered in a butter-less maple butter.

Did I miss any? Leave your favourite spots for chicken and waffles in the comments.

Photo via the Drake Hotel on Flickr

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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