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Friday, July 31, 2015

The top 10 soft serve ice cream in Toronto

Softserve TorontoSoft serve has been the star of the summer menus in Toronto - even rivaling our collective obsession for ice cream sandwiches. Supreme swirls and frosty peaks are suddenly everywhere and being given some major upgrades ranging from outrageous candy toppings, herbal infusions, and even some meaty decorations.

Here's a round-up of the top soft serve ice cream in Toronto.

AWYWI Soft Serve
That stands for "Any Way You Want It" and it's available at Tom's Dairy Freeze. Photo by @skinnyfiles

Soft serve TorontoTiramisu Soft Serve
Vanilla ice cream doused in amaretto espresso sauce, rolled in crushed amaretto and savoiardi cookies, and finished with a dusting of cocoa is just one example of the obscene cones served at Home of the Brave. Photo by @sweetjesus4life

Softserve TorontoSalted Maple Rosemary Soft Serve
Sausage house, Wvrst is serving up rosemary infused maple ice cream decorated with crispy fried bits of duck fat. Photo by @steph.eats

Softserve TorontoEarl Grey & Madagascar Vanilla Soft Serve
Tuesday through to Sunday is tea time at Roselle Desserts. @roselle_to

Softserve TorontoCereal Milk Soft Serve
Momofuku Milk Bar's signature creation comes decorated with sweet, crunchy cornflakes. Photo by @sasachowdown

Softserve TorontoMatcha Soft Serve
Soft swirls of green tea flavoured soft serve are a hit from Uncle Tetsu's Matcha Cafe.

Soft Serve TorontoTropical Orange Blast Soft Serve
Tastes like a creamsicle and available at the Old Firehall Confectionery in Unionville.Photo by @t_volpe

Soft Serve TorontoChocolate Cheesecake Softserve
Just one of many outrageous creations from GTA-based food truck, Hollywood Cone.
Photo from Hollywood Cone facebook

Soft Serve TorontoSoft Serve Doughnut Sandwiches
Doughnuts? Soft serve? Ice cream sandwiches? This thing from Glory Hole Doughnuts is too cool for school.Photo by @to_finest

Softserve TorontoVegan Softserve
By comparison, Bunner's gluten-free, egg-free, and dairy-free soft serve seems seems quite tame, but really, it's still a thing of beauty! Photo by @blogto

What did I miss? Add your suggestions to the comments?

by Liora Ipsum via blogTO

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