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Thursday, November 26, 2015

It's CWIF's 1 Year Anniversary and You're Invited to Celebrate With Us!

Begins: 2015-11-26T18:30:00 Ends: 2015-11-26T20:30:00 Where: {'city': u'Toronto', 'journal_activity_id': 1468880277846668552, 'country': u'CA', 'changed': datetime.datetime(2015, 11, 7, 7, 24, 5), 'venue': u'Speducci Mercatto Fine Foods', 'zoom': u'13', 'longitude': u'-79.47309000000001', 'state': u'ON', 'postal_code': u'', 'address_1': u'46 Milford Avenue', 'address_2': u'', 'longaddress': u'46 Milford Avenue, Toronto, ON, CA', 'latitude': u'43.7047914', 'is_saved': True, 'organizer': 7488901L, u'id': 11979539, 'user': 121370543L}
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