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Friday, January 22, 2016

The 10 most famous Toronto feuds

g20 torontoToronto has a reputation as a polite and courteous city, but that doesn't mean we always play nice. Over the last number of years, we've witnessed a slew of very public feuds. From frustrated taxicab drivers to transit-related tussles, Toronto has had its fair share of drama.

Here's a round-up of some of the most famous Toronto feuds.

UberX vs. Taxis
This is one of the most heated business feuds to consume Toronto in recent years. During a protest, one taxi driver even attacked a suspected UberX vehicle on camera to vent his frustrations with the unregulated competition.

Cars vs. Cyclists
Toronto's cyclists have spent many years urging for safer streets. However, after Darcy Allan Sheppard was killed in an altercation with Michael Bryant, the fight for better bicycling conditions exploded, with hundreds gathering for memorial rides across the city.

Citizens vs. The Police
The G20 was the backdrop for what surely were some of the darkest days in Toronto history. Peaceful protesters were beaten and detained and many pockets of downtown looked like a warzone.

The TTC vs. Bombardier
In another recent feud, the TTC sued Bombardier for failure to deliver our new streetcars on time. The situation booked over when Bombardier refused the TTC's requests to discuss the state of the streetcar order, leading the Transit Commission to vote unanimously in favour of taking legal action.

Eye Weekly vs. Now Magazine
When Torstar launched Eye Weekly 25 years ago, it also started a circulation war with NOW Magazine - at least according to this delightful CBC clip from 1991. Both weeklies were fighting for Gen X-ers, the "hip, young urban adults" of the time. Eye almost got into legal trouble after it distributed its prototype issue filled with 50 ads lifted from NOW.

Rob Ford vs. the Toronto Star
Rob Ford's feud with the Star started early on during his mayoralty when the newspaper alleged he roughed up one of his high school football players. It grew even deeper when reporter Daniel Dale was apprehended outside the mayor's home. In 2013 the Star had its gotcha moment with the headline Ford in Crack Video Scandal.

Doug Ford vs. Margaret Atwood
When Doug Ford mused about cutting funding to the city's libraries back in 2011, Margaret Atwood started a Twitterstorm and shared an online petition to save the then 98 public library branches. Ford famously quipped, "She could walk right by me [and] I wouldn't have a clue who she is." The dust settled a few months later when the two finally met and posed for a photo together.

Reg Hartt vs. James Gillis
The feud between these two was described as the Toronto poster wars. Hartt, who runs the Cineforum, has long used posters to advertise his events, as has Gillis through his company Dr. Jamie's Events. Hartt claims that Gillis distributed slanderous posters about him, which he says forced him to respond with accusatory posters of his own.

Mirvish vs. Dancap
In 2007, now-shuttered theatre company Dancap had a rocky start, largely because it didn't have its own venue. When the American company that ran the Canon and the Panasonic decided to sell these two theatres, Dancap's president was poised to take over the properties. But Mirvish already had first dibs on them. Dancap attempted to block the sale and tried, unsuccessfully, to sue Mirvish.

Burrito Boyz vs. Burrito Bandidos
While Toronto is now teeming with burrito joints, it wasn't always this way. But in 2008, the original burrito boys Joe Vassallo and Ian Angus split. Vassallo kept the Burrito Boyz moniker and Angus went on to form Burrito Bandidos.

Know of a heated Toronto feud? Share your drama in the comments.

Writing by Derek Flack and Amy Grief. Photo by Jackman Chiu in the blogTO Flickr pool.

by Staff via blogTO

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