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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Toronto might get a Brewery District

brewery district torontoBeer lovers in this city may one day have even more cause to rejoice. Thanks to the efforts of 13 local breweries and one city councillor, Toronto could be getting a Brewery District.

Among the breweries banding together for this cause are Bellwoods Brewery, Indie Alehouse Brewing, Junction Craft Brewing and newcomer Henderson Brewing. These brewers are working with city councillor Ana Bailão to seek official sanction for a Toronto Brewery District in the area that extends from Bellwoods' second location at Dupont and Ossington over to the Junction.

"The original plan was to simply borrow from what had been done in wine country - very specifically what has happened in Napa and in Niagara," said Steve Himel, the Chair of the group and the GM at Henderson Brewing. "We have many different personalities and styles being represented so it made sense."

"Our hope is that people will visit the Brewery District as a launching point knowing that at least one brewery is likely to have an event going every day of the week. Like the Cineplex idea for movies, there is sure to be something for everyone."

The 13 members will, alongside Bailāo, present the proposal for the Brewery District to city council in February.

Although a final date has yet to be confirmed, the first annual Brewery District Festival is expected to take place on July 31, 2016 at Henderson Brewing's headquarters at 128A Sterling Road.

Photo by Lori Whelan in the blogTO Flickr pool.

by Jeanie Tran via blogTO

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