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Thursday, November 24, 2016

10 unusual ideas for your Toronto holiday party

holiday party torontoUnusual ideas for your Toronto holiday party will help you throw an unforgettable get together that your friends will talk about for years to come. Drinks, decorations and ugly Christmas sweaters are all a given at this point, but have you ever thought about a snow machine? Or a gaggle of stripping elves?

Here are 10 unusual ideas for your Toronto holiday party.

Host a spiked eggnog cocktail bar
Don't just set out a table of booze and mix, hire a drinksmith to come over and design a custom spiked eggnog cocktail for everyone. The team will give a tutorial and tasting, and with almond milk eggnog in stores now, even your lactose intolerant and vegan friends will thank you.

Hire a crew of sexy dancing elves
HIM are a troupe of hot male dancers that are basically Toronto's version of Chippendales. They not only perform at big stage events, but also at private parties. Why not hire them for your holiday bash as sexy elves who are excited to be finished their shift at the workshop and want to dance?

Create your own winter wonderland
Who knows if this year will be a white Christmas, and who cares? You can rent your very own snow machine to pump out the fluffy white stuff inside your own place or outside on your front lawn to create a private winter wonderland. They come in many sizes and with a remote so you can control the flurries as you see fit.

Have an ice bar/luge
Another creative way to serve drinks at your holiday party is to have cocktail ingredients come shooting down an ice luge into your glass, or be made on your very own ice bar. A bar generally starts melting after six hours and you'll need to order yours at least five days in advance.

Decorate your entire home in mistletoe
Why just have one little mistletoe branch hanging from a door frame in your place, when you could cover your entire ceiling with the stuff? Sheridan Nurseries on Yonge Street have a non-stop supply of the romantic branches for the month of December. Just call ahead to ensure you can get a pile.

Set up a do-it-yourself Menorah station
Menorahs are beautiful things on their own giving off all that candle light, but why not ask your friends to get creative and make their very own to liven up the place? These menorah kits give you all the tools to get started, you'll just need to provide supplies to decorate them.

Invite Santa Claus over
Hanging out with friends and listening to Christmas carols is cute, but go the extra step and invite the big man in red to let your guests say what's really on their mind. lets you pick a Santa for your party. He'll show up, take wish list notes and leave your guests feeling like kids again. Or, you can just see if Fashion Santa is available.

Feed your friends with a custom cupcake bar
CutiePie Cupcakes will come to your party and set up their Cupcake Genie Bar. Guests each get three yummy wishes to create their own festive one-bite treats. CutiePie also offers a Unicorn Latte Bar and everything they do is colourful and interactive - they'll even incorporate custom branding if you're into that.

Rent an enormous candy cane
This giant candy cane will up your party's Insta game. Heck, grab two of them to create an epic entranceway to your event. This extremely large piece of non-edible candy will guarantee photo ops, just keep it glued down to your floor so no one rides it out the door.

Serve a custom Christmas marshmallow spread
You have to order these from Toronto's Puffy Love stat to create your very own marshmallow world. They come in candy cane, ginger bread, orange chocolate or cranberry custom flavours that will ensure dreams of sugar plum fairies happen in real time.

stella artoisThis post is brought to you by Stella Artois, the perfect beer to serve your guests this holiday season.

Have any more unusual ideas for a holiday party in Toronto? Let us know in the comments and let's get jolly.

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO

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