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Sunday, November 27, 2016

What kind of house does $4 million get you in Toronto?

The $4 million house in Toronto tends to be located in areas away from the heart of the city where lot sizes are more ample. There are exceptions to this rule with neighbourhoods like Rosedale and Forest Hill, but for the most part, the houses in this price range have tons of space both inside and out.

Here's what a $4 million house looks like in Toronto.

$3,995,000 for a contemporary home in Rosedale
The beauty of having four million to drop on a home is that you can have your pick of almost any neighbourhood in the city. This gorgeous house in Rosedale isn't enormous at four bedrooms, but an excellent renovation and a number of high end finishes (minimalist kitchen, soaker tub, wine cellar, etc.) make it a highly desirable property to the buyer looking to live close to downtown.

4 million dollar house toronto

$3,995,000 for a laneway house near Yonge and Eglinton
This is a unique property in a somewhat hidden laneway near Yonge and Eglinton will appeal to anyone who's looking for an unconventional space. The real estate listing characterizes this home as an "urban villa," which is actually a pretty good descriptor given the mix of contemporary and classical design. It's hard to believe this property is tucked just off of Yonge St.

4 million dollar house toronto

$3,998,000 for a new build near Hogg's Hollow
On the other end of the spectrum there's this far more traditional home in the Cricket Club neighbourhood. Given its location, the lot size and interior square footage are generous, but the selling point here is the gorgeous main level with its gourmet kitchen and butler's pantry. This won't excite lovers of contemporary design, but it's an elegant home with tons of space.

4 million dollar house toronto

$4,195,000 for an updated mansion in Rosedale
Once you get over the $4 million mark, the houses are often works of art. This classic Rosedale home has been refinished in a wonderful combination of old-meets-new. There's hardwood throughout, multiple fireplaces, and a stunning en suite bathroom off of the classy master bedroom. The big garage allows for Porsche storage as well as a workshop.

4 million dollar house toronto

$4,398,000 for an oasis near the Humber Valley
Houses with lovely swimming pools like this one are a rarity these days, but it's hard to wonder why they've decreased in popularity when you check out the backyard here. It's not just big; it feels like a sanctuary. One can imagine a wedding taking place here. The house itself isn't remarkable, but it's a picture of refinement that's already aged well despite the ever so slightly dated decor.

Do you think any of these houses are worth $4 million? Let us know in the comments.

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