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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The 10 most famous restaurants in Toronto

The most famous restaurants in Toronto are all staples that we keep coming back to. Over the years, these restaurants have demonstrated staying power and love them or loathe them they're arguably more well known by locals than almost anywhere else.

Here are my picks for the most famous restaurants in Toronto.


Here's where you'll find some of the best pizza in the city. Long before the current neapolitan craze reached Toronto, the West Queen West location, that opened in 1992, was serving its famous Quattro Stagioni pizza. 

Burger's Priest

The tiny Beaches burger shop has turned into a mini empire with many locations in and around Toronto. Its mission to redeem one burger at a time has infiltrated neighbourhoods across the city and people have a worship like love for their burgers.

Salad King

If you've ever been a Ryerson student, chances are you've nurtured a borderline unhealthy love for Salad King, which is generally packed with students and members of the general populace enjoying the cheap and speedy Thai dishes. 

California Sandwiches

This sandwich shop has locations all over the GTA but their original location near Little Italy on Claremont has been going strong since 1967. They 're all about their namesake, providing the city with simple, meaty sandwiches. 

Barberian's Steakhouse

This old-school Elm St. steakhouse is still one of the city's best. This place is as much a favourite of local laymen out to treat themselves as it is the spot to hit for visiting celebs or athletes.

Lahore Tikka House

This massive restaurant is most Torontonian's introduction to Little India. Alongside the requisite butter chicken and naan, this casual Pakistani restaurant has a long list of curries and kebabs and more ghee in most of its offerings than you should eat in a lifetime. 


It's hard to mention the words deli without following it with Caplansky's. While people in the suburbs may argue this isn't a real deli, many continuously flock to one of its three locations - including one at the airport - for smoked meat and poutine.


This classically French-inspired fixture on Avenue Road has been taking care of the city's upper crust for over 30 years. For most of us, it's not an every day sort of establishment but it offers a true fine dining experience.

The Lakeview

The Dundas West diner is one of Toronto’s oldest and most venerated 24-hour restaurants. Whether you're craving some breakfast at 10 a.m. or are completely smashed in the middle of the night, The Lakeview is ready to serve.


As vegetarians and health nuts in the city will know, Fresh has been an institution in Toronto since the late '90s. Their locations offer up a creative, protein-rich approach to vegan and vegetarian dining, many of its dishes featuring Asian inspirations.

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

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