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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Best Steakhouses in Toronto

The best steakhouses in Toronto are a throwback to a more indulgent time, when a juicy hunk of red meat was guilt-free proposition. While the decor at most have been updated over the years, you'll still find dark rooms and plush seating, and a few even that offer table-side preparations to this day. Add some well aged beef, and you're in heaven.

Here are the best steakhouses in Toronto.

9 - Hy's Steakhouse

Another throwback steakhouse, Hy's has been catering to the Financial District since the 1960s. Not much has changed about the place since then, including menu items like creamed corn and the wedge salad. The steak cuts are classic, ranging from New York Strips to Filet Mignon, and Ribeyes, all of which come from 28-day aged Canadian beef.
4 - Barberian's Steakhouse

Barberians has been a fixture on Elm Street for over 50 years. The warmth-exuding decor is dated, to be sure - but everything just feels perfect. Throw in well-prepared classic cuts of steak (the staff will recommend the Ribeye), a jaw-droppingly well-stocked wine cellar, and you have a Toronto institution.
10 - STK Toronto

This swank Yorkville restaurant doesn't share much in common with old school steakhousess aside from the prime cuts of beef, which come merely in small, medium, and large sizes. A 45 day dry aged 20 oz. Ribeye will run you about 60 bucks. Given the room, that's pretty good.
11 - The Keg Mansion

This chain of restaurants might have an obvious corporate vibe, but the exception is the stately Keg Mansion on Jarvis, which boasts a sweet dining room and bar space to go along with what are always solid classic cuts of steak.
3 - Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

Is there a restaurant in Toronto with more luxurious beef offerings? While the Wagyu options might be tempting, opt instead for the 70 day dry aged Ribeye, which is a steak so powerful that you'll make strange, socially awkward noises as you consume it.
5 - Harbour Sixty Steakhouse

Located in the stately Harbour Commission Building, this steakhouse is packed with suits on nights that the Leafs and Raptors are in town, but the appeal of the place goes beyond the degree of importance one gets when dining here. This might just be the premiere destination for surf and turf in Toronto.
8 - Morton's Steakhouse

Impeccable service, understated decor, and steaks thick enough to sink a small ship, Morton's will please those looking to luxuriate in meat and potatoes. With no less than seven potato preparations, this humble starch reaches new heights in the hands of these chefs. But it'd be nothing without the steak.
6 - Bestellen Restaurant

Bestellen might not be a classic steakhouse, but once you get a peek at the cuts chilling in the storage locker, you'll understand how seriously they take their beef. If there's a dish that was made to foster the primal feeling that's associated with grilled hunks of meat, it's the 32 oz. Cote de Boeuf, which could feed three comfortably and makes for all-out indulgence when a pair go at it.
7 - Smith Brothers Steakhouse

This Scarborough steakhouse does top quality 28-day wet aged steaks at surprisingly good prices. It's not particularly swank, but the important stuff is done right. Served with your choice of potato (go for the match stick fries or the mashed), the steaks are well salted, juicy and typically under $30 bucks.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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