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Friday, April 28, 2017

The top 10 food truck locations in Toronto

Food truck locations are scattered around Toronto. Since Toronto doesn't have the most truck-friendly bylaws, it's actually not that easy for food trucks to find parking on city streets.

Here are locations in Toronto where you can reliably find food trucks.

Roy Thomson Hall

Head to King and John during the week and you're almost guaranteed to find a few trucks parked along King St. across from Roy Thomson Hall. You'll often find trucks like Alijandro's Kitchen and Fully Loaded T.O here.

Yorkville Village

If you need a caffeine fix on the go in Yorkville you're in luck. Toronto's most adorable coffee truck Jacked Up Coffee can often be found here during the week from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Church & Bloor

Food trucks have found a promising curbside spot in the Church & Bloor area. It's a great spot for hungry office workers looking to grab a quick bite to eat.

University & Dundas

This spot has gained some steam over the past few years. What started off as one or two trucks parking along University Avenue has grown into a food truck hot spot. Head there on your lunch and you'll often find four trucks parked, two on each side of the street.

University & College

Look north of Dundas and you'll also find food trucks at the intersection of University & College. This is one of the original curbside vending spots.

Mel Lastman Square

Yes, its true. There is finally a popular food truck location outside of the downtown core. This North York location is frequently visited by many Toronto trucks including Road Grill and Sushiburri

East Liberty & Atlantic

While Liberty Village hasn't always been a great environment for food trucks over the years it seems like things have changed for the better. You'll often find Feedthe6 setting up shop during lunch.

Resurrection & Bloor

Food trucks roll into Etobicoke for Food Truck'n Friday from around April through December. You can chow down on food trucks eats at this bi-weekly event in the parking lot at Resurrection Rd. & Bloor St. W every other Friday.

Evergreen Brick Works

Make your way to the Don Valley over the weekend and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of trucks on site. It's not longer just a beautiful place to explore but has now become a street food destination.

Trinity Bellwoods

If you're looking for food trucks on the weekend head over to one of Toronto's most popular parks. You'll often catch trucks like ME.N.U Food Truck parked along West Queen West. 

To find out where your favourite food trucks will be each day, check back on Toronto Food Trucks or download the Food Trucks app for iPhone or Android.

by Jaclyn Skrobacky via blogTO

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