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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Best Bibimbap in Toronto

The best bibimbap in Toronto makes for a deeply satisfying classic Korean dish. This one-bowl wonder always includes veggies that you get to mix (bibim) in with the rice (bap) yourself. Often topped with an egg, just add some gochujang, and you’ve got yourself some comfort in a bowl.

Here's the best bibimbap in Toronto.

3 - Chaban

This bright and airy Korean joint on The Queensway in Etobicoke offers five kinds of bibimbap, including three dolsot (stone bowl) ones. Its signature namesake version comes with the traditional egg, mushroom, carrot and beef combo, along with bellflower root and gosari (bracken).
8 - Kimchi Korea House

Situated at Dundas & Bay, in an area that's beginning to turn into a Little Japan, this Korean resto hands-down wins for greatest variety of bibimbap, with a dozen different types, including more atypical choices like eel, shrimp, salmon and L.A. ribs. Best of all, you can add cheese!
6 - Sunrise House

There are a whopping 10 different kinds of bibimbap – six dolsot and four in regular bowls – to choose from at this bunsik (cheap Korean eats) place located in Koreatown on Bloor. From the more stereotypical beef bulgogi or fresh tofu to spicy squid, chicken or pork, this spot covers just about every possible option.
7 - Tofu Village

Just from its name, you can tell this Koreatown fave specializes in soon tofu (tofu soup), but don't discount its excellent bibimbap either; the mixed veggie version – with carrot, zucchini, shaved radish, shiitake mushroom, bean sprouts, broccoli, tofu and a raw egg – is a classic.
11 - Korean Village Restaurant

A K-town institution (with a celebrity photo wall to prove it) that's been around since 1978. There are a few varieties of bibimbap on offer here, including the traditional beef or bulgogi, plus spicy shrimp, chicken or pork.
9 - Bi Bim Bap

On Eglinton West just west of Bathurst, this place calls itself a “Korean stone bowl riceteria,” and since it's named after the topic of this list, it obviously knows its dolsot bibimbap. Every version starts off with a base of assorted veggies and a choice of protein, six different sauces and white or brown rice along with the option to add a bunch of extras like BBQ beef, tofu or mushrooms.
5 - Song Cook's

Found behind a strip mall by Yonge & Steeles, this authentically Korean restaurant sticks to the basics, with dolsot or regular bibimbap, but there is also YangPoni, which is a humongo version of the dish that serves two to three people.
4 - Cho Sun Ok

Always busy, this bustling spot near Yonge & Steeles makes three types of bibimbap, including jangjorim dolsot, which comes with an assortment of vegetables and marinated beef flank topped with an egg yolk, all served in a sizzling hot stone bowl.
10 - Buk Chang Dong Soon To Fu

While it's best known for its soon tofu, this popular go-to with two locations (one at Yonge & Finch, the other in Koreatown at Bloor & Clinton) also makes a satisfying dolsot bibimbap topped with an egg. Just add ample amounts of gochujang and mix.

by Christina Cheung via blogTO

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