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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Rental of the week: 140 Carlton Street

So, apparently it costs $600 a month to live on a bed inside someone’s living room.

I'm not sure if this is on par with couch surfing or a step down, because at least with couch surfing, you don't have to pay $600 a month… I'll get back to you on that.

Honestly, this is just a new low for the Toronto rental market. Even the hospital ICU lets you have a curtain around your bed so you don't wake up with your roommate staring at you sleeping.

140 carlton st torontoNow turning a living room into a bedroom isn't a new thing.

I totally get it if you know your roommate and you're broke as hell. Then yeah, of course get a one bed and play rock paper scissors for whoever has to sleep in the living room. But to just have any stranger live in your living room seems really weird, right?  

I honestly can't wrap my head around who would be okay with this living situation.

According to the listing, which has now been taken down by Craigslist due to reports, there's one other person living in a private room, but I can't guarantee that it's only one person or that the person doesn't have a significant other who is over ALL THE TIME.  

Even if it is just one person, there's still many situations that make this the most awkward living situation imaginable. 

What if you really just want to go to bed but this other person in the "private room" is having a party.

Do you just put in ear plugs and pretend it isn’t happening? Do you ignore the people sitting on the couch drinking beer and having a good time? Do the guests just pretend you don't exist, laying there next to them?

140 Carlton street torontoI know I mentioned lack of privacy before, but seriously, where do you get dressed? Do you have to always change in the bathroom? Where do you put your stuff? Is that dresser empty?  

Also, the lack of blinds for that ground level window isn't ideal. Why does this apartment insist on you being a exhibitionist?!  

140 Carlton street torontoAt least the bathroom and kitchen look functional.

  • Address: 140 Carlton Street
  • Type: A bed - room not included
  • Rent: $600/ month
  • Furnished? Yes
  • Utilities: Additional $50
  • Air conditioning? No info
  • Bedrooms: Nope, just the bed
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Parking: Visitor
  • Laundry? No info
  • Outdoor space? Unlikely
  • Pet friendly? Yes
Good For

Mastering the Mr. Bean method of changing clothes.

Move On If

You still have no idea how Mr. Bean pulled that stunt off and you're not flexible enough to try. 

by Misha Gajewski via blogTO

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