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Thursday, April 25, 2019

The Best Used Bike Shops in Toronto

The best used bikes in Toronto can be found in shops offering refurbished rides, which are great for those who don't need or can't afford shiny, pricey new ones. The downside is that they're slightly used, but these bike shops make sure to breathe new life into them before sending you off onto the road.

Here are the best used bikes in Toronto.

4 - Newson's Bike and Skate Exchange

This family business by Jane and Dundas specializes in bike and hockey equipment exchange. It’s definitely one of the best places to trade in an older model for something new, though the adult bike section is definitely smaller than the kids’ rides.
6 - Bateman's Express Shoppe

Skip their Annex location and instead head to Bateman's Express Shoppe, located at 149 Dupont Street. They almost always have at least a dozen refurbished models on the floor, with prices ranging from $125 to $600. At least a dozen are on the floor all the time.
10 - Ya Bikes!

This Corktown bike shop is also home to Charlie’s Freewheels, a not-for-profit that offers bike maintenance training to at risk-youth. Excess bikes from the program (typically donated) are sold through the store at the front from $100 to $500. They usually have around 10 bikes at a time.
5 - Toronto Bike Repair

This Bloorcourt staple is best known for its collection of rad vintage rides, but it also has sweet sales on used bikes. Their huge inventory runs the gamut of bicycles, including mountain, touring, racing, and commuter bikes that range from $400 to $700.
3 - Ride Away Bikes

This little Dundas West favourite always has one of the nicest selections of used bikes. They usually carry around two dozen at a time, with a mix of donations and trade-ins. Prices are super affordable, with the average bike costing between $200 and $350.
8 - The Bike Place

A gem in the Junction, this low-key bike repair store takes trade-ins and consignment bikes. Those oldies get repaired and resold as rideable goodies, affordably priced between $150 to $350. Just get there before peak bike season—they might run low.
9 - Riders Cycle and Board

Their Geary shop used to be the best for used bikes, but now that it’s closed, the selection of used rides is a bit more limited at this Harbord Village shop. If you get lucky, though, you’ll find a fixed-up trade-in being sold for less than $350 (though, for $50 more you could just get a new bike here).
11 - Uncle Jacob

Sure, there are rumours surrounding how this second-hand Chinatown bike shop acquires its stock. On top of that, the store itself is pretty small, and the quality of repair services differs, depending on who you're talking to. But there's a chance that you'll find a good quality ride for a decent price, though negotiation might be necessary.
7 - Bike Pirates

This DIY lover's paradise in Parkdale is a great place to find genuine deals on used frames and refurbished bikes. Complete bikes start at $50 (that'll get you a true beater), but the best way to do it here is to build a bike up from scratch under the watchful eye of the staff, who will pitch in with instructions and advice. A registered non-profit, Bike Pirates "sells" used parts by donation.

by Staff via blogTO

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