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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The top 10 songs from Toronto bands April 2014

songs Toronto AprilThe top 10 songs from Toronto bands in April feature some returning names from earlier this year, but a few newbies are making their way into the scene. Arguably the best birthday month, as well as historically the least violent month in Toronto, April has come and gone again. The weather could have been a bit warmer, the sun a bit brighter, but the music was juuuust right.

Here are the top 10 tracks released this month.

Billy Moon - Kalashnikov

The lead track from Billy Moon's Young Adult EP, released April 17, is a distorted rocker that bumbles along in the vein of early Green Day. Singer Billy's voice even reflects that of ... well, Billie. From the mouths of babes: "Our first show we ended up having to play for three straight hours. No one liked us." Get on that disgruntled teen bandwagon. Stream it on Bandcamp here.

Slowpitch - Robotic Rain Cells (Ft. Shikha)

A dark electronic loop backs Toronto singer Shikha as she croons a sexy hymn in this single from the new Slowpitch album. Dimly Lit Existence , which came out April 15, is loaded with slow, spacey tracks like this one.

Shi Wisdom - Yacht

Toronto singer Shi Wisdom gets full R&B on this track off her new album, Stranger Things Have Happened , released April 19. If she keeps releasing tracks like this, maybe one day her dream of "sipping champagne on a yacht" will be fulfilled. Stream it on Bandcamp here.

Vierance - Raven

The first release from new Toronto synth pop and techno label Deth Records comes from local duo Vierance. Semblance is a dark and dreamy walk through a graveyard at night in a horror movie from the '80s. They even put together a creepy black and white music video for "Raven," the single from the album, featuring a man in a canoe, a girl in a white shawl, and several small bonfires.

Odonis Odonis - High Note

Ah yes, the classic "female astronaut in a weird VHS dream sequence." Oldest trick in the book. Odonis Odonis released a video this month to support their latest album, Hard Boiled Soft Boiled . "High Note" is straight out of the '80s, with steady drums, floating guitar riffs and soft vocals. The song gets heavier as it goes, increasing the rawness and distortion and building to a rocking climax at the end.

APB - Harvest

Scarborough duo APB (Airplane Boys) put together a music video for their new track, "Harvest," featuring the high school they went to (Pope John Paul II) and a restaurant they used to frequent (Markham Station).

Digits - Keeping Secrets

I was at a karaoke bar on my birthday this month. I belted a number of tunes, including "Under Pressure" and "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," to the general dismay of the audience. Why do I mention this? The new video from Digits features an 8-bit pop track and cute edits of a basement karaoke bar.

Cirroo - Something Good (Flip)

Local dreamwave producer Cirroo sampled popular jam "Something Good" by Alt-J in a track this month. Got pretty dubstep with it, but the outcome is nice, and he uses the samples in an interesting way. Check out "Dream Cameo" and "Strata" from his Clearout EP .

Drake - Draft Day

For some reason, Drake thinks he's allowed to beef with Jay-Z. He isn't.

Alvvays - Archie, Marry Me

Is it 1999? I'm listening to "Archie, Marry Me" by Toronto quintet Alvvays, and suddenly I am getting the urge to dive into my storage boxes and find my old Archie comics. I don't even think this song is based on that comic, but the late-'90s Sixpence None the Richer-esque vibes are really getting to me.

Special Addition:

Mac Demarco - Brother

Okay, I know Mac isn't from Toronto, but he is Canadian and he is amazing. He released his sophomore album, Salad Days, on April Fool's Day (of course), and it's definitely worth looking into. Sorry, Toronto peeps, just had to include this. Mostly because every song of his reminds me of Marcy Playground.

What April tracks are you bopping to? Let us know in the comments.

Lead image: Vierance, "Revelation" by Emad Dabiri. Follow Adam on Twitter and Instagram.

by Adam Golfetto via blogTO

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