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Friday, April 25, 2014

The top 5 Latin bands to watch in Toronto

Toronto Latin bandsThe top Latin bands to watch in Toronto are five of many - identifying the best up and coming Latin music artists in a diverse city like Toronto isn't the easiest task. To make it big, a mixture of talent, stage presence, and drive is needed. A strong team doesn't hurt. Honourable mentions go out to Henry Flow, Lido Pimienta, and Chikago. Months ago Fito Blanko's name would have appeared in this list, but after releasing the song "Crazy People" with Pitbull, he has arrived.

Here are five Latin artists in Toronto you need to keep on your radar.

Tatyana D'Voce

She started her career very early, winning contests at the age of 5. Since then, she's shared stages with major Canadian artists Karl Wolf, Glen Lewis, Maestro Fresh Wes, and Fito Blanko. After opening this past March for J Alvarez in Kool Haus to a wild crowd, this 18-year-old singer is working on her third album release.

La Revolucion Musical

This Reggaeton band has branched out to bachata, bolero, merengue, and hip hop - not an easy mix to carry off. But they do it with style. They've been hitting all the Latin clubs building a following, but it wasn't until they claimed second place in the inaugural Las Brisas - Flow de Calle that they really took off. The winnings included invaluable recording time with Sensei Musica. After recording the anthem "Flow de Calle" - a hit on Latin airwaves throughout North America - they won a Toronto Latin Industry Award. It's been a whirlwind of appearances and studio recording as they prepare for a summer release of their debut album, followed by touring dates in southern California.


This energetic singer rarely performs without a live band, something rare for hip hop. He says for him it "keeps it real". He fuses Latin rhythm with hip hop and reggae, writing all of his own material. He isn't afraid of the limelight, having shared the stage with names like Don Omar, Rakim y Ken-Y and Aventura. With an album under his belt, he is working on his second, set to showcase artists from Ecuador and Spain.


This former graffiti artist has kept to his roots and his music frequently attacks social issues with flair. He raps equally well in English and Spanish, frequently mixing them for a unique sound. Telling stories from - and giving a voice to - the streets is his specialty.

Lucho and Juan De Sedas

For people unfamiliar with Carabain music, it would be similar to folk music. Lucho is a

bit of an icon in his native Panama, and he is now teaming up with his son. They bring an

infectious beat to their packed performances as they continuously tour across Canada.

We can expect a new album soon through their own record label, Outworld Artists.

Writing by John Kivell. Lead image of Tatyana D'Voce by Ramiro Productions via Facebook.

by Guest Contributor via blogTO

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