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Friday, January 1, 2016

How to beat a hangover in Toronto's suburbs

hangover suburbs torontoIf you wake up in your childhood bedroom with a pounding headache, dry mouth and unsettled stomach, you know you're home in the suburbs for the holidays. Instead of starting your new year off alone in your twin-size bed, why not step outside and kick your hangover to the curb? While many places are closed on January 1, there are plenty of quality places still open - beyond Tim Horton's - on New Year's Day.

Wake yourself up
Cold water is the greatest hangover remedy, so go full out and plunge into Lake Ontario. The Polar Bear Dip in support of Habitat for Humanity happens annually at the Sunnyside Beach Pavilion. That's not so suburban, but there's another massive Polar Bear swim happening further west in Oakville. This one is at 2 p.m., giving you plenty of time to roll yourself out of bed after last night's festivities.

Sweat it out at a Russian-style banya
North of the 401, you'll find a myriad of public steam rooms and saunas. Unfortunately, many aren't open on New Year's Day, but Vladimirskie Bani is. It's hosting a family day from 3 p.m. until midnight, giving you plenty of time to sleep in, grab brunch and spend the rest of your day relaxing at this Vaughan-area spa.

Grab brunch
For those on the east side, the good-old Markham Station is a no brainer for a greasy meal at any time of the day. If you live north of the city, you can head to the classic Three Coins Open Kitchen at Yonge and Major Mackenzie or the newly opened kosher Famous Laffa inside the Promenade Mall. Dim sum, at somewhere like Mississauga's Emerald Chinese Restaurant, is always a great option whilst in the 'burbs.

Work it off
Start your New Year's resolution off early and begin 2016 with some mindful stretching at Branch Yoga in Etobicoke, Yoga Tree in Vaughan or Richmond Hill or Moksha Yoga North York. If you're looking for something a little more extreme, consider the 36th annual Hair of the Dog Run or challenge yourself to scale a wall at Markham's Hub Climbing.

Truthfully, there's no cure for a hangover, but consuming lots of fluids always helps. Forgo your regular double double and grab a fresh juice or calming milk tea from some of the GTA's best Bubble Tea shops, like CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and Gong Cha.

Know of a suburban hangover helper? Add your suggestions to the comments.

Photo by Javin Lau

by Amy Grief via blogTO

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