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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Some people really didn't like Doug Ford's best cherry cheesecake video

Ontario Premier Doug Ford released a Martha Stewart-style video for his "famous" cherry cheesecake yesterday, and a lot of people weren't amused.

While some seemed to enjoy Ford's attempt at wholesome quarantine content, many other concerned citizens read the Ontario Premier's light-heartedness as tone deafness during the global pandemic.

The Premier's seemingly feel-good video rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way, some of who took to social media to urge Ford to focus on the more urgent issues plaguing the city.

Some are asking if cherry cheesecake content from Ford is really necessary right now given issues like food security, the homelessness crisis, and the staggering number of deaths in long-term care homes affecting thousands in Toronto.

A few seasoned bakers were not impressed with the Ford's family recipe (three packages of Dream Whip is apparently two packages too many, for some) but even more weren't happy with what's being perceived as an attempt to boost Ford's image. 

And it appears other politicians are trying to jump on the band wagon, including Liberty party leader Steven Del Duca, who's now challenging Ford to some kind of cherry cheesecake bake-off.

People also made sure to question exactly whose kitchen Ford was in, given reports that he broke his own social distancing rules over Mother's Day weekend by visiting both his daughters. Apparently this cheesecake video was shot in the home of Michael Ford, his nephew.

A few people appreciated the recipe, and even ended up making their own version of the Ford cherry cheesecake. But even after the long weekend ends and the last cheesecake crumbs have been eaten, more pressing issues will remain.

Has Ford become the new face of cherry cheesecake?  How much Dream Whip is too much Dream Whip? How can we prevent the deaths of more people in the face of a second wave, set to hit the city's most vulnerable congregate settings? Stay tuned. 

by Tanya Mok via blogTO

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