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Friday, February 24, 2017

7 new bars with pinball games in Toronto

Bars with pinball games are skyrocketing in popularity in Toronto right now. What accompanies drinking better than loud noises, flashing lights, and racking up millions of points?

Head to one of these watering holes for a decent pint (some even brewed on site) or a fun cocktail and prove you’re a pinball wizard.


A monster of its kind in Toronto, this Annex place is an pinball lover’s dream land. Chow down on veggie pub food with your pint.


This East Chinatown spot is doing old school all kinds of right, featuring not only a pinball game but VHS projects and DJs spinning vinyl. Complete this blast to the past with a slice of birthday cake (even if it’s not your birthday) on a Spice Girls plate.

The Greater Good

This bar on burgeoning industrial street Geary from the people behind Get Well features the same huge range of craft taps, cans and bottles and North of Brooklyn pizza plus pinball upstairs in the huge, airy, loft-like space.

Shacklands Brewing

Located up near St. Clair West in an excitingly mysterious area right next door to pals Rainhard Brewing, this brewery makes their own Belgian-style beer, fit to be enjoyed in the nostalgic space filled with old toys, a piano for anyone to play loudly, and a pinball game.

Henderson Brewing

Another brewery but much larger, this one located on equally weird Sterling Road, here you can enjoy a UPA, Henderson's Best or Food Truck beer brewed on site and linger over one of two pinball machines.

Round the Horn

With pinball as well as Super Nintendo, a patio, and a hotdog-based menu, this Roncesvalles watering hole is a comfortable little getaway. Release your inner child even further munching on free candy at the bar.

Roxy on King

Not only does this resurrected King Street bar once known simply as Roxy Bar have a pinball machine, they also boast seven pool tables, a ping pong table, and foosball. Their full food menu of bar basics like pizzas will keep you drinking and playing all night long.

by Amy Carlberg via blogTO

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