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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Best Samosa in Toronto

The best samosas in Toronto make for great snacks that go easy on the wallet. These traditionally triangular, crispy packets of savoury stuffed pastry usually have vegetarian or meat fillings and are accompanied by tasty chutneys for dipping. 

Here are the best samosas in Toronto.

9 - Canbe Foods

Veggie samosas prove to be favourites at this Sri Lankan and South Indian take-out spot on Ellesmere Rd. in Scarborough (there are also chicken and mutton ones). Be prepared for line-ups.
7 - The Tiffin Box

Named after the South Asian lunch box-like tiered carriers used to transport food, this small eatery on Bathurst between Bloor and Dupont specializes in Indian curries and dosas, but also has irresistible spiced potato-and-pea veggie samosas that are sure to hit the spot.
6 - Pili Pili

Specializing in Tanzanian BBQ, this take-out driven destination on Lawrence Ave. E. in Scarborough also sells dense and flavourful samosas stuffed with veggies, beef or chicken, wrapped with delicate pastry exteriors.
2 - Sultan of Samosas (Regent Park)

While Samosa King reigns when it comes to price, the Sultan has variety to offer, with 10 different kinds to choose from (plus a sweet apple pie one for dessert). Its locations in East York and Regent Park feature fillings like spinach, feta & mozzarella, steak & potato and potato & cheddar, along with the more traditional minced beef or chicken.
5 - A1 Sweets & Restaurant

These samosas have nothing to do with steak sauce, as everything here is completely vegetarian. Golden, crispy, veggie samosas made from scratch can be had at this store on McNicoll Ave. in Scarborough (there’s also a location in Oakville).
3 - Samosa Sweet Factory

Samosas at this popular snack and dessert shop in Etobicoke come in three sizes – small, medium and large — with three vegetarian varieties: aloo mattar (potato & peas), palak paneer (spinach & cheese) and paneer tikka masala (spicy cheese). Like Samosa King, expect line-ups at peak times.
4 - Capital Sweet and Samosa

This mostly take-out joint in Thorncliffe Park makes some tasty little parcels, baked fresh each day and filled with veggie or halal meat (chicken or beef).
1 - Samosa King

Its name says it all (although this Indian and Sri Lankan spot in Scarborough is also known as Embassy Restaurant). Cheap, crispy veggie samosas can be had at five for $1 (meat ones are two for $1). Line-ups are not uncommon, as the prices really can’t be beat here.
8 - Brar Sweets (Etobicoke)

Like its other locations in Brampton and Mississauga, the one in Etobicoke at Islington and Albion is also totally vegetarian. Along with other Indian eats and sweets, there are traditional veggie samosas, which also happen to be vegan-friendly.

by Christina Cheung via blogTO

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