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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The top 10 art shows in Toronto for summer 2017

Art events in Toronto this summer will allow you to explore galleries all across the city. Many choose this time of year to present exciting group shows, and while there loads of outdoor art fairs happening as well, these exhibitions will bring you inside to see the world in a whole different way. 

Events you might want to check out:

The Evidence Room (June 25 - January 28 @ Royal Ontario Museum)
The Evidence Room is a powerful and chilling installation which reconstructs key objects used in the forensic analysis of the architecture of Auschwitz.
The Milliner's Daughter (June 27 - September 4 @ The Power Plant)
Ydessa Hendeles explores perceptions of difference and diversity in her work, assembling objects and artefacts into contemporary fables about the way representation, distortion, appropriation and assimilation can filter identities.
The Morning Shines With The Lights Of Love (June 28 - July 29 @ Clint Roenisch Gallery)
This summer group show features works by Sarah Cale, Connor Crawford, Jérôme Havre, Niall McClelland, Darby Milbrath, Raymond Pettibon, Alan Reid and Tony Romano.
So Lightly Here (June 28 - July 15 @ Pau Petro Contemporary Gallery)
This group painting show includes work from Stephen Andrews, Estate of Will Munro, Ross Bleckner, Jane Buyers and Robert Flack. 
Every. Now. Then Reframing Nationhood (June 29 - December 10 @ Art Gallery of Ontario)
This show explores three urgent questions: where has Canada come from, what it is now, and where is it going?
The Weather in the Room (June 28 - July 29 @ Daniel Faria Gallery)
An exhibition of new work by Toronto-based artist Katie Lyle uses a rehearsal-like process where her subjects are reworked and repeated, scrutinized by erasing, overdrawing, overlaying and cutting away. 
Again and Again (July 1 @ Mkg127)
MKG127's tenth anniversary exhibition is a two part-er exhibition. It's a group show starring all 24 of the gallery's artists.
Rebecca Chaperon Garden (July 20 @ Gallery 555)
Vancouver-based artist Rebecca Chaperon's first solo show in Toronto is a series of unusual, imagined landscapes representing the inner places we access for creativity and imagination.
Red (July 20-27 @ RED Gallery)
This vibrant exhibition features David Cash’s red colour blocking photo-series with 12 models, five Toronto designers and a team of local creatives.
Lustful Showcase (July 26 - August 1 @ Black Cat - Artspace)
Artist Toombs takes three shots of each subject while they listen to their favourite songs. It's a photo project that boosts self confidence.

by Phil Villeneuve via blogTO

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