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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The top 10 vegan ice cream in Toronto

Vegan ice cream in Toronto is anything but basic. You can find dairy-free, yet creamy treats all over city and at some of the most popular ice cream spots currently appearing on you Instagram feed. 

Here are my picks for the top places to get vegan ice cream in Toronto.

Cosmic Treats

With a menu full of vegan comfort food, there's lots to choose from at this Kensington Market spot, including, of course, eight flavours of cashew-based ice cream,

Bar Ape

Thanks to its rotating roster of seasonally-inspired flavours, you never really know what to expect at this St. Clair West gelato shop. Vegan flavours have included chocolate-covered strawberry basil gelato bars, Ontario pear soft serve, and watermelon soft serve.

Bang Bang

Brace yourself for Bang Bang's infamous lineup, but know you'll be rewarded with a scoop of vegan ice cream wedged between vegan cookies, also known as the ultimate vegan ice cream sandwich.


Head to this all-vegan bakery to grab a cone filled with chocolate, vanilla or chocolate-vanilla swirl soft serve. It's the perfect nostalgic treat for a hot and sunny day.

Sweet Jesus

Sure, you can grab an over-the-top decorated cone here, but you can also find humble-looking cones topped with swirls of dairy-free soft serve here.

Wong's Ice Cream

This ice cream shop in Chinatown East describes itself as Asian-themed and it has a variety of vegan flavours that you won't find anywhere else in the city - think vegan coconut mango sticky rice and vegan lemongrass lime sorbet. 


There's absolutely no dairy at this North York ice cream shop. Instead it makes creamy treats with frozen bananas in flavours like spiced date and rose pistachio.

Seven Lives Paleteria

For Disney Land-inspired Dole Whip, visit this Kensington Market offshoot of Seven Lives. This fruity soft serve is seriously refreshing, especially when you get it as a float with pineapple juice. 


Bloomer's serves ice cream from Pleasantville Creamery, grab it by the pint or get it on top of a crumble pie or a pecan tart for an extra indulgent and cruelty-free tree. 

Hibiscus Cafe

The made-in-house ice cream at this cozy Kensington Market cafe feaures a coconut milk, mung milk or almond milk base and it all comes served by the scoop.

by Staff via blogTO


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