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Monday, October 30, 2017

The Best Spinning Classes in Toronto

Spinning in Toronto has never been better. With more studios prioritizing a choreographed full-body ride and upbeat playlists, spinning has taken on a new life in the city. Whether you're a traditional spinner preferring to monitor RPMs or someone who enjoys a more soulful ride, there's a spin class and spin instructor just for you.

Here are the best spinning classes in Toronto.

1 - Rocket Cycle

Loyal riders claim ‘magic happens’ at this St. Clair West studio. Every class combines intense cardio, and strength training and the state-of-the-art sound system makes hitting the hills a little easier.
3 - SoulCycle Toronto

With its emblematic yellow wheel logo, this chain rode into Toronto with a lot of hype, opening two locations in one year in Yorkville and King West. With 45-minutes, SoulCycle is focused on changing your body and mind through a spiritual journey. It's not uncommon for instructors to deliver inspirational messages to you as you spin.
4 - SPINCO Toronto

People of all ages and fitness level go to sweat at this Yonge and Eglinton studio with a One Team, One Bike mantra. The 50-minute ride comes with a 5-minute arm set and a liberal use of the disco ball. The fast-paced energetic workout integrates playlists that have been worked out obsessively by its team of instructors.
6 - 6ix Cycle

With a cool grunge interior and lockers reminiscent of a high school gym, the West Queen West studio offers a 50-minute class which tones your whole body with a 5-minute set for arms. The playlists are often a remix of 90s classics and themed rides like Throwback Thursday.
9 - CycleBar Leaside

Taught in a dark room with four rows, this Leaside studio feels like an indoor ride through an amphitheatre. As the first Canadian studio of the US indoor chain, the workout is a combination of traditional spin elements with high powered, synchronized dance movements. You can compete with other riders by viewing your stats and engagement on the screen at the front of the class.
8 - Quad Spin

One of the original spin studios in Toronto, this King West mainstay takes you on an intense 45-minute hill climb spin in its basement studio location. The music is loud and the instructors are spinning with you every step of the way. There are daily themed rides including, ‘Spice Girls Meets Boy Bands’ and Justin vs. Justin.
2 - Torq

With pops of orange and a serious sound system, this Leslieville studio's ride displays RPMs stats, distance, and speed for some friendly competition in the class. Your performance stats are then emailed to you post-workout so you can track your progress.
5 - Spokehaus

This CityPlace studio offers a high-intensity, dance-inspired 45-minute class where you're mostly out of the seat doing the signature Tap Backs and Figure Eights. The change rooms are outfitted with Malin & Goetz products and Clean Reserve perfume.
7 - Ride Cycle Club

The high-energy workout is done in a dark, candlelit room with arguably some of the best playlists and most well-known instructors in the city. Each ride at this Ossington studio is designed to tone the core, arms, and legs through a series of smaller bike movements. After your workout, pamper yourself in the spacious change rooms with products from Aesop.

by Lori Harito via blogTO

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