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Friday, October 27, 2017

The top 10 artists to check out at Art Toronto this year

Art Toronto, the city's massive multi-day art fair (Oct. 27-30), is back for another year with its dazzling array of works from some of the most exciting artists in the world. There's so much to see here that it can seem almost intimidating at times.

Fear not, fellow art lovers. While you can just glide around the various booths to see what catches your eye, there's also a few artists whose work shouldn't be missed. It's not everyday that so much talent is assembled in one place.

Here are my picks for the top artists to check out at Art Toronto this year.

Metis Atash

These glittering Buddhas just got a whole lot of attention when Ferris Rafouli gave one to Drake for his birthday. The camera doesn't do them justice, as they really twinkle when exposed to light. There's a number of them on display at Galerie de Bellefeuille.

evan penny

Evan Penny

You might know if Evan Penny from his famous work "Stretch" at the AGO. Stunning new works that probe the physicality of the body in religious iconography can be found at TrépanierBaer Gallery.

kent monkman

Kent Monkman

There are a number of Monkman's works on display at Art Toronto this year. Look for the way that he deconstructs problematic narratives surrounding Canada's indigenous population in his stunning, large-scale paintings at Pierre-Franҫois Ouellette Art Contemporian.

Mark Clintberg

Mark Clintberg

Also on display at Pierre-Franҫois Ouellette is Mark Clintberg's Not Over You light installation. There's lots of sign-based work at the fair this year, but this emotional register of this piece is the most memorable.

michael wolf

Michael Wolf

The German-born photographer first gained attention for his work capturing the density of Hong Kong, but his series in the Tokyo subway at Baux-Xi Photo will make you rethink your complaints about packed TTC commutes.

judy chicago

Judy Chicago

Northwest Coast Atmospheres (1970) is one of the iconic feminist artist's early series, which shows her coloured "earth works" that intervene in the natural landscape without damaging it. You can find them at Jessica Silverman Gallery.

raymond boisjoly

Raymond Boisjoly

Get a head start on the Aimia AGO Photography Prize this year with a look Boisjoly's work at Catriona Jeffries. He's on the short list for the lucrative award thanks to his diverse practice, which includes distorted portraits of celebrities like D'Angelo. 

damien hirst

Damien Hirst

While there are no diamond skulls to be found at Art Toronto this year, you can still get your fill of Damien Hirst at his Other Criteria booth, which features these clever pill labels.

greg girard

Greg Girard 

If you like grainy portraits of the North America roadside, make sure to check out Girard's photos of 1970s Vancouver at Monte Clark Gallery.

esmaa mohamoud

Esmaa Mohamoud

Mohamoud's incredible sculptures (and photos that depict them) challenge conventional conceptions of gender through the lens of professional sports, namely the NBA. You can find her work at ltd los angeles

Art Toronto runs from October 27-30. For information about tickets and hours, please visit the website.

by Derek Flack via blogTO

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